One Bad Apple.

It Only Takes ONE Bad Apple.

It’s been about ten years now.  Since a yoga student of mine gifted me with a really great book I am just now getting to. 

It is “Mother Theresa:  The Authorized Biography”.  And it is loaded with pretty little things.

One of those things begins with a story Agnes (Mother Theresa’s birth name) tells about a lesson her mother vividly taught herself and her siblings when Agnes was a child.  I’ll tell it like I remember reading it:

Agnes clearly remembers being part of a poor family.  One afternoon, her mother called her children together around the dining table with a covered basket in the middle.  She lifted the flour sack off the basket, revealing a bounty of perfect shiny apples.  Immediately, Agnes and her siblings began to salivate.  One of the children chooses an apple to share, and the apple is cut and split among them.  Her mother then presented one apple from her pocket, which had begun to rot.  She arranged the shiny apples in the basket, and placed the rotting apple in the center of the remaining perfect others.  Agnes’ mother tells the children that it is time to return to their chores.  The next day, the previous day’s gathering is repeated and when the flour sack is removed, what is found remains vivid in Mother Theresa’s memory more than fifty years later.  The apples surrounding the bad apple had begun to rot.   Mother Theresa’s mom had used this lesson to exemplify the impact negative characters can have on us, quickly and without discernment, and the importance of surrounding ourselves with “good apples”.

Because we all know it's true.

It only takes ONE Bad Apple.

I keep thinking about this.  In a way that is an "inside out" sort of way.  Not just the bad apples that are "out there".  But the "bad apples" in HERE.  What do I do... day to day... to funk up the brilliance?  Grow things lacking nourishment?  In my mind.  In my choices?  In my mind.  Heart.  Home.

Today I'm going for the shiny red.

Here's to it.