You can fake an orgasm, but you cannot fake goosebumps.

It's true.  

I've danced around putting it down in writing for years.  
But it's true.  
I'm not saying it's a good thing.  
I'm just saying its true.

And it reveals a LOT.

I look for the goosebumps.  I have for years and years. When I get goosebumps I know I am being touched by something bigger and smarter than the obvious.  I know there is a resonant fullness at my doorstep and I have learned to always, always, always answer the call.

This morning while teaching a yoga class to a group of creative entrepreneurs from all over the world (who had little to no yoga experience prior to coming to the YogaFarm), I felt goosebumps spread like fire across my skin, and tears stream down my face as I realized (in my bones) what had been unfolding for the last nine days.

Watching them move through our 9th consecutive day of morning practice....  I witnessed them follow their own breath (instead of mine).  I watched them move according to the direction of their own bodies (not mine). and I gently observed as they took pause to marinade in their own fullness, with eyes closed (instead of looking out at me as if I represent that "thing" that they want to be but are not).  

I watched as they felt for the internal impulse of "yes" to rise... and I watched them follow it....

Again and again.... I watched them follow it.... deep into the reason they came here.  To BE Yoga. 

And it gave me goosebumps.  

Of course it did.

I watched them become their own teachers, their own guides, their own guru.... after just nine days.  This is what yoga can and does do.

You see:  I SEE YOU

I see you longing to live a life of vibrancy, creativity, clarity, and potency.  I see you wanting to be part of what is going to make this world a better place -- as creative, as mother, as daughter, as business owner, as executive, as assistant, as gardener, and grandparent.

The fact that you are seeking these sorts of experiences and impact in your own life motivates me to shine as brightly as I can... and to do the VERY best I can for you, so YOU can experience the greatest that was designed for you in this life.  

I don't want to blow sunshine..... okay, well I do.... but not the way it's usually done.  I just want to stand on a park bench and say, "I LOVE YOU!!! YOU ARE LOVE!" 

And I just want to show you how I learned this to be true....

Love to you. Today.  Always. All Ways.