Listen Up.

Once I had a teacher ask me if when I crawl in bed at night if I had ever asked myself, “do you deserve a standing ovation for the way you lived your life today?”

It wasn’t a question designed for me to assess my accomplishments, but rather, to ascertain if I had been fully present to the details of my life, if I had lived my life with attentiveness, heart wide open, steadfast, confident as possible, and true to who I am.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 3.43.46 PM.png

I like to ask myself that question when I crawl in bed. Realistically, I am not expecting a standing ovation every day, but something grows in me when the answer to this question is, “Yes.”

What does it take to deserve a standing ovation? For me, it means I fully acknowledge that I am both the one presenting and I am the one in the audience - the ONLY one in the audience. I am also the ONLY one who gets to decide if I deserve that standing ovation. Applause? Yes, always (because a little self-love goes a long way), but I’m talking “above B average” — I’m talking both feet on the ground, butt out of the seat; standing ovation.

Isn’t it true that when all is said and done, we come alone and we go alone? None of us get out of here alive, and not all of us are called to be front line warriors or priests, or teachers, or laborers. We each have unique roles that we play in making this mighty world turn, and in knowing that and doing our best to show up and present our best selves, the best we can at any time for as long as we can, is truly all we can do.


The trouble is, many of us don’t slow down long enough to listen up. (And I do mean, listen UP). There is something bigger than us within each of us that invokes our passion and desire to move in a particular direction of service or work or role in life, or even more practically — there is something bigger than us that gets us out of bed each morning. And when we listen inward and upward, we find that the voice is not only an impulse that turns our eyes in a particular direction, but it is also the greatest source of energy and balance in our lives. THAT voice is our medicine. It is our treatment for anxiety, depression, lack of clarity, lethargy, apathy, angry outbursts, curl-up-in-a-ball-melt-downs, and the inability to get out of bed in the morning. THAT voice calms us, inspires us, awakens us, and invokes us to listen UP and rise UP.

And we can ONLY hear that voice when we are willing to slow down just a little — to make time and as I like to say, to “dance with the one who brung us”. Energy follows attention and this stuff doesn’t just “happen” for most of us. Instead, you need to devote time and energy and heart space to “dance with the one who brung ya”.

We’re doing that in January if you’re feeling the pull: For 8 days and 7 nights on the ocean shore… at the exact same time the first new moon of 2019 graces us, with less than ten women, all here, there, and everywhere, for the same reason: … and it dawned on me, just this morning, that what I want to say to you is this:

If THIS year isn’t your best year yet

and you wish it WAS

Then what are you going to do to plant the seeds to make NEXT year the best year of your life?

Dear Ones, I’m not married to you going with me on this soul-awakening retreat… I’m married to going myself and providing you with wide open choices so that if you are called, you have built-in, easy peasy, plug-and-play opportunities to join us… because the world is hungry for more of us free of anxiety, depression, lethargy, apathy and instead filled with clarity, wisdom, energy, and the capacity to love deeper and truer than ever.

Loving you deep and strong, and hoping you search for inspires you somehow every day.