Kiss Me.

This will be a shortie.

I write this with salt-stained cheeks.  I watched this video about 3 minutes ago for the first time.

It cracked me open… twenty strangers. Kissing for the first time.



What IS it about a kiss?  The intensity.  The tension.  The vulnerability.  The judgment.  The stories.  The fears.  The doubts.  The holding on.  The letting go. Na. Mah. HAH!


It is such a rich and strange and marvelous world… and this act of kissing, so sacred.  So pure.  So telling….

It reminds me of a poem I wrote one rainy day about 15 years ago:  

Kiss me, She said.

Draw me in from the world outside to the world where everything is one.

Not like you want me, she Said.

But like you value my very Being.

My lips.  Your lips.  My cheeks. Your cheeks.  My breath.  Your breath.  My hands. Your hips.  

Kiss me, She said.


May you kiss those you love with your whole heart. 

May your heart burst open.

May you Love. Today and Always.


Om Gung Ganapatayeh Namah.