It's NOT about THAT

Here's to remembering what matters...

I remember a few months back when were were scurrying around to prepare for our very first event at Deva Daaru.    It was just a couple of days before the event and I was on the phone with the presenter who was flying in from Austin.  I was fretting about how the porch steps weren't done, and there weren't any door knobs on the doors yet... 

She took a big breath and said, "that is soooo good that it isn't finished."  


I couldn't quite make what she meant by that.  So I asked, "what do you mean?"


"It is really good that the house isn't finished.  Because THAT is the only way that you can know that it ISN'T about the HOUSE."  She pretty much nailed it.

Ahhhhh... I got it.

Thank you, Dr. Deb.  And thank you Deva Daaru for having your own agenda and sharing it with us in bite size bits so we can learn what we must and remember what matters.

So, we are plugging right along, day by day making progress.  And, there are still a few blue tarps covering piles of wood and landscaping to be done.

But the birds and the butterflies and the horse and the dogs?  They don't mind a bit.  

It's Not about THAT, now is it?

Here's to remembering what matters most.