It’s Never Too late.

It’s never too late to start.

It’s never too late to stop.

It’s never too late to wonder, or wander, or to say “yes” to the love
that is longing to possess you.

Close your eyes, you’ll feel it.  

Take just one breath,  you’ll find it.

There is a love that  longs for you to be with you,

to sit with you,

move with you

walk with you

breathe with you

be with you.  

This longing - this search - this discovery - IS you. 

There is a space and place deep within
that can only be found by you

I just wanted you to know.  Because it's easy to numb out, dumb down, and settle.  I'm not in favor of doing those things -- largely because I've done all three and at the end of the day, it's like I've driven myself to the dead end of a really narrow road (where turning around is difficult and no fun at all).

I just want you to know you don't have to do it that way.  You can stop.  Right now.  

And you can start the stuff that lasts. Just like that.  Just like THIS.

"How?", you ask.  

The "how" isn't actually up to you.  Your job is to take a step.

Step outside. Step beyond.  Step in. I have created ways you can do this -- and although I am partial, I'm not attached.  I mean, I know these ways work because they are how I got here.  But, if I pass you in the yoga studio or in the grocery store, I'll ONLY be happy to see you smiling and glowing and knowing these truths... however you got them is irrelevant in the end.  (If you're happy, I'm happy you're happy!)

Here's what I know works....

Read Pilgrim

Journey to a far away place


Not interested in those things?  Try something else.  Try anything that touches you and gives you goosebumps.  

You see, Dear One -- more than anything I want you to pause and breathe and steer your monstrosity of a ship (called life) one tiny degree in the direction of your dreams... and in a month, two months, two years or two decades -- you will open your eyes and see how little steps TODAY completely shift what you see and how you feel about the view and the journey. 

You ARE what you want.

You WANT what you are.

(you just might not know it yet)


Let me show you more of what has worked for me