more More MORE!

Have you ever sat with a friend, attempting to describe an experience you had and your friend says, "OH!  So it's like when you _____ (fill in the blank)".  

You pause.  Take a breath that furrows your brow in thought and raises your shoulders.  And then you exhale and say,  "Well.... Not reeeeally."



So then your friend says, "Oh... so is it more like ______  (another fill in the blank moment).  

And all you can say is, "No, it's MORE than that." 

Some things just are.  More.   And sometimes that which makes it MORE is nearly impossible to describe.

That MOREness is what we are feeling for every day as spiritual seekers. It's the subtle.  The divine.  The simple.  The richness.  

It's that which is the MORE behind the emptiness that sometimes comes after getting what we wanted that we thought would fill us up but has only left us feeling empty.  Again.

(You might want to read that last paragraph a couple times to let it sink in.)

I'll say that a different way. 

When we REALLY delve into something that is aligned with Truth--it simply never ever goes away.  It is the wholeness that lives at the beginning and the end of all things.  It isn't the handstand we master in a yoga class or the cute pants we bought at a eco-yoga-retreat.  It's not the OM necklace, the newest, greatest, most naturally organically grown non-toxic (maybe even edible) yoga mat.   

It's not the physical.  It's not the mental.  It's not the emotional.

It. Is. The. Spiritual.  

Which is who you are, by the way.  No bones about it.  No getting around it.  You came from spiritual.  Exist as spiritual, and return to spiritual.  It's how this universe ticks... and you, my dear, are part and parcel of this great universe made entirely of Love.  

The spiritual is that which comes forth when you practice... when you use the postures to go deeper and higher -- all at the same time.  

And it is what you find when you let go of your attachment to everything -- even your own darn self.  And on the back side of that letting go you realize how flippin' amazing you are!  How magical you.  How divine you are. You are presence.  You are peace.  You are happiness.  And there is no reason for any of it.   You don't need a reason.  How cool is that?  

You are the world and the world is you and you are LOVE.  Period. Amen. 

It's THIS that you feel when you walk out of a really great yoga class, totally blissed out.  Not even sure what happened... but loving the feeling.

And it is THIS that we are nurturing, nursing, cultivating, and raising (like a child is raised) every single blessed day.... WHEN we are conscious about our lives.

So, here we are.  And here's what I have for you:

As a manifestation of consciousness, I am setting intentions and creating ways of sharing what is true in every cell of my body...  

What my teachers have taught me, I am paying forward by means of the Deva Daaru Yoga Teacher Training (for those who want to be students) and the Advanced Studies Program (for those who simply want to go deeper:   

Truth is:  Truth prevails.  And if you want to learn more, grow, and return to the deep and brilliant, radiant and whole teachings of the ancient Yogis... and maybe aren't so concerned about how much you sweat and whether or not your handstand has all the right spirals in the right places... I say this:

Go inside.  Ask your heart.  See if this is for you.  Guru Hridyamanas will tell you (that'd be your inner guru... your inner light... your inner dispeller of darkness).   

IF you are so inclined, read about the Yoga Teacher Training at

And if it's not with me.  Or not this.  Or not at Deva Daaru.  Then


Go there.... Follow it.  And never ever stop. 



 ~ Deva Daaru School of Yoga and Integral Studies ~

Yoga Teacher Training begins September 2013



I'm not sure about a lot of things.  But I am sure that you are divine.  We all are.  And if you don't know that yet.... haven't felt that yet... regardless and in coordination with your religious, spiritual, or atheistic upbringing or lack thereof... Then this might just be a great place to ponder the possibilities. 

Hope to see you in September at the YogaFarm.