Isn't it Pretty? Look Again. And then Again.

Ahhh.... Sunny morning at the YogaFarm.

Isn't it Pretty?  The flowers are in bloom, the sky is blue, the donkeys are sunning.

This place is so much magic.  Beauty beyond measure.

Oh.  I almost forgot.

My new baby goat (which is more of a rescue than an amazing, one of a kind super special sort of goat per the sales pitch we got) is sleeping in the house, has diarrhea, was weaned too early and so she cries a LOT, is underweight, had to have her buds (baby horned) seared off of her sweet little head.  Oh, and she has lice.

And so does my horse.

So on this beautiful sunny day, I gotta do what any glamorous farm girl yogini has to do -- apply a wicked chemical bath to my already sickly baby goat and my 1,000 pound horse.

Another thing:  When I got in the car to drive to yoga, I realized (oh boy did I realize!)  that I hadn't done a very good job of wiping the goat scat off my shoes before I got into the car... until my shoes met my car mats... which I just had cleaned less than 48 hours earlier.

And last weekend, I chased a mouse around my house because my cat decided not to eat it.

And then the next morning I stepped, barefoot, on a DIFFERENT mouse skull in my living room... evidence of a battle in the night. (Where, pray tell are these miniature beasts coming from?)

And hummingbirds, although beautiful and abundant, spray poo on my arm regularly when I am on the porch. (I know, huh?  I didn't even know humming birds pooed!)

So, isn't it pretty?  Sort of. Totally.  Not.  Entirely.  Gorgeously.  Yes.

So, here's the work yogis...

it's ALL divine.  

Can you see that?  Can you feel that?  Can you know that?

Do you know that in YOUR crazy, muddy, momentarily downward facing life, there is magic?  

This Magic IS your amazing life? 



For today:  See beyond.  Lift your eyes from that which challenges, stings.  Lift your eyes to the sun, and let the Light In.

It's there.  It's here.  That's all.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  

Whole. Holy.