Something Happens.


I hope you had as good a night sleep as I did.  I don't usually sleep until the sun peeks out, but this morning I did.  It was almost 7, and I happily awakened to a frost covered farm.  As per the morning ritual, I looked out the kitchen window while heating water for my tea, and on this day, saw the donkeys sticking their heads out of the barn, showing their teeth in a full pucker, necks extended, their inside voices hollering, "FeeeeeD Meeee!".  And they were looking right at me.  So, I forewent my usual cup of early morning first-thing warmth and instead headed straight away to the barn to muck and feed and such.

Now, I presume you'd have done the same.  I mean, just LOOK at that face!

Never a dull moment.

And then there was yesterday, where we had the lovely gift of a house full of friends anew.  After a morning of community yoga and snow falling, neighbors from both ends of town, including the lovely Tasha Danner, yogini extraordinaire from Portland and her posse of friends arrived at our door. We toured the farm and then proceeded to the couch, all snuggled in. Next came a knock at the door with four other friends to join in.  We happily made room.  (I love this about country living).

 We sat and talked and shared and drank lightly fermented apple cider from an apple crush attended a few weeks back.  The apple juice had just began to turn, leaving us all with a fizzy, probiotic deliciousness in our cups on way to our bellies.  Occasionally the goats would do a little circus act out the front door and we'd turn and laugh.

We bundled up and headed out for barn tour, critter introductions, and a little unplanned mucking on my part (I left the waterer on in the horse paddock, and they found themselves standing in a bit of mud I needed to clear--life is maintenance, I hear).  

Something happens when you move to the country.  Everything. Slows. Down.  So, like yesterday for example... the plan for the day went something like this:  1.  do chores  2.  teach community yoga class  3.  hang out and stuff.

I am happy to report we checked off everything on our To Do list to our complete satisfaction.

So, just sharing a little bit of heaven with you on this sunny day.  I do hope you are out enjoying the sunshine and this crisp cool day and not sitting at your computer (uh huh... Go on now. Git!)

As for me, I'm off to get some more mud on my Bogs, sun in my face, and probably ride my horse off somewhere into the sunset.

Wish you were here.