I have been longing to sit with you, and just talk....

We sat around the farm table last Saturday night with a rainbow spread of food from our garden, prepared with laughter and love by the hands of so many new, amazing friends.  It was almost surreal, and yet exactly as envisioned... 

We were exhausted, yet overflowing with goodness -- and we were teetering on that fine line between totally inspired and a blade's edge of overwhelm.  It kept us present -- if purely as a state of necessity.  

I looked at Starla across the table, the LA-based photographer, known for shooting Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, and Ben Affleck, who, mysteriously-to-me, agreed to take on my tiny little project at the YogaFarm.  She shook her head and tapped her long, silver-polished fingernails and said, “the shoot today was absolutely amazing."  She looked in my eyes and continued, "This tribe of people you have gathered here is phenomenal… this team, your students, this land, the food, you, and what you are doing here… all of it… all of it is over the top… it is out of this world, truly.”  

Those are very big words to take in.  I still haven't fully received the bounty of this past weekend.  So, I certainly can't do it right in a blog post, but I want to give you a small taste of what is happening behind the scenes in my world — because it is important that you know where I am — and how all of this that has been built, and was built to be shared.  How all of this culmination of life force and blood, sweat, and tears (not just mine -- but equally my husband's) has an intention that includes you, and others just like you.

... and it all started about 18 months ago when it hit me that I wanted more people to have heart access to  what I had been given.... 

You see, when people find me, the teachings, and the YogaFarm,  the response is positive. However, the "finding" has been a little like procuring a needle in a haystack -- not because it is not there... but because there is so much noise in the world, and what is true, real, going to be "worth it" and lasting, is hard to  find.  You see...

It's not really about the yoga 'on the mat' 
Yoga is a conduit for joy  
— happiness for no reason —
& a bee-line for radical self-acceptance

In my twenty some years of teaching, I have come to realize that there is so much attention being given to the “tip of the iceberg” and “pretty shiny” things.  I have come to realize that I do not want to feed into such nonsense, and I also do not want to devote an ounce of energy to bucking it either. 


I want to share what lives beneath the surface of contemporary, popular practice because this is what healed me; saved me 

And so the journey began.  I spent countless hours getting clear on what I do and how I do it differently.  I became even more committed to truth and transparency; love and abundance.  And in this process, I met Carrie Anne Moss, who is not only a stunningly gorgeous human being and actress, but also the founder of the Fierce Grace Collective and Anna Purna Living -- two powerful, vested platforms for teaching women about love, grace, power, and presence.  She wanted to interview me for a women’s series… and so our soul-sisterhood began.  

At the same time, I found Tara Gentile, and although I am not so much drawn to the business behind what I do, I have learned that there is value in learning and accepting the "business backdrop" of teaching yoga and offering opportunities for growth — not for the sake of making a bunch of money, but because there are systems and intentions that when implemented wisely, I am equipped to share seamlessly the grace that has been transmitted to me from my teachers.  The result is greater impact  for more people seeking light in a dark and challenging world. 

And so it began... the life I had been building with my husband, down a gravel road with no cell service and sketchy internet, became interesting to others -- I was interviewed by Annapurna Living and Hello Freedom.  My perspective was published in Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, Yoga International, and Mary Jane’s Farm, and I was featured soulful entrepreneur and  prominent yoga teacher by Mantra Magazine.  I had multiple yoga sequences published by MindBodyGreen.... I wrote Pilgrim: Living Your Yoga Every Single Day and launched its corresponding 108 Day Virtual Journey, and I filled an immersion 200+ hour accredited yoga teacher training, with a waiting list, housed and taught at the YogaFarm, for one long weekend a month for seven consecutive months. All this,  and I continued to teach regular yoga classes, garden, can, practice my yoga, and offer ongoing retreats at the YogaFarm and abroad.

"I" ... "I"... "I"... 
(I just reread) and "I" is nonsense.  
This is not about me

It's about THIS and how it affects YOU
And how all of this is unfolding quickly and intensely
and I want you to know where I am on this land & in my heart

So today... I am in process of refining Pilgrim, honing in on the best and most brilliant aspects of my YTT200 held at the YogaFarm, and am transitioning my blog from print only to print +  podcast (late fall).  I am also working with a lovely woman named Sarah Alcalmo out of NYC to guide me in gaining crystal clarity  on determining my best and most potent offerings, and this past weekend was the icing on the cake...  I collaborated with  Starla Fortunato and a team of amazing beings (Kristin, Nancy, & Angela) to help me take the best of my best from vision and verbal description to image.... You'll be seeing a new website this fall, clear and instinctual photos of the farm and the teaching, as well as a cooking and lifestyle book coming next year.  

And so... I just wanted you to know...

My focus is clear:  I love you.

My focus is clear:  You are love.

I am here to shine,
because you are here to shine. 

I am here to hold the lamp for you — whether you want to deepen your understanding of yoga on the mat, or how you can access more brilliance, grace, and potency in your life as you know it.  (You can call it what you want — I will call it “living your yoga” — for I use yoga as a conduit to awaken the innate brilliance in all of us -- and the mat is just a "prop".)

the studio at the YogaFarm... and its windows to the soul....

the studio at the YogaFarm... and its windows to the soul....

The way I do this comes in a triad of offerings:  

  • I offer Pilgrim:  a 108 Day Virtual Journey where you get the best of me for 108 Days — as your guide.  I hold a lamp for you, every single day from September 12th - December 28th so you can see how brilliant you are…. one tiny step at a time.  You need not see the entire path before you.  You only need to see the next clear step.
  • I offer a Yoga Teacher Training immersion style, with 16 brilliant souls, of which you can be one, where we live our yoga, practice our yoga, share our yoga
  • I teach Yoga You can join me for classes in Portland twice a week — a community yoga class at Yoga Pearl, and a two hour “better than church” Sunday morning two hour practice.  I also offer retreats — both at the YogaFarm and on location (upcoming Sayulita Mexico and Puglia, Italy) — to tease you out of your world and immerse you in the teachings that remind you how brilliant you are.

If you struggle. 
I’ve got something for you. 
If you long for love. 
Oh.... do I ever have something for you. 
If you seek deep connections,
more potency, clarity and joy in your life,
I will share completely with you what has changed my life
and brought me to the most brilliant place
where I realize that all that I have ever sought
in my life is already right here —
I simply need to reach out and say “yes”.  


You, too, can say “yes”. 
It’s your choice.  
It’s Here.  
Waiting for you to take that next, single step.  
Truth is:  you don’t have to know how. 
You just have to know that you want it,
and take the first step. 
The path reveals before your eyes….
that’s how this stuff works.


I’m here if you want me to hold the lamp for you.  

Love, light, and so much brilliance shining your way... wherever you are. 

Love. Om. B