God Lives Here.

I'm serious.  

yoga teaches us to cure.jpg

God. Lives. Here.

Right here.  Right Now.

Everything is yoga.  

Where is God not?

And if you don't believe in God.  That is quite frankly irrelevant and perfect.



Here's what is "up" for me lately.  

I want to RAWK.  I want to soar in the ethers.  I want my yoga practice and my teachings to strum the chords of the center of unstruck sound and awaken what is rising in each of us.  Wanna join me?  On your mat? In your studio?  With me?  

I want us to feel TOGETHER that yoga is a path, one path, THE path I have chosen (but not the only path) that opens every chakra in my whole body.

So, confession time:

I think I taught yoga for years before I...

1) really knew what it felt like when Prana was moving -- and the direction in which it flows. (do YOU know?)

2) could feel the chakras I had been talking about and reading about and painting my toenails in reverence to for YEE.EE.EE.EERS!

Here's my two cents today:  

Rawk.  Breathe in big and deep and ruthlessly wild.  Take in ALL you are.  ALL  you feel.  All you dream.  And then hold that breath in for a moment...

You know what is there?  It is YOU!  YOUR beauty, YOUR magnificence.  YOUR power.  Your peaceful, graceful, wicked, magical self.

You are FULL. You are WHOLE.  You ARE.

Side note.  Big note.  Very happy dance note:

My Yoga Teacher Training has been approved by the international gold standard certifying body:  Yoga Alliance.  In addition, I am launching an "advanced studies program" for devoted students who want to deepen their practice and may or may not want to teach.  Check it out at the YTT link at the top or click on the poster below.

I am super honored to be jumping in with both feet on this one...

But.  And.

That isn't exactly what I want to share.  What I want to share is how incredibly important it is to stay potent.

Know who you are.  And if you are unsure, go inside... not the house... but INside your heart.  Listen to music, practice pranayama, surround yourself with the best of the best in your life:  the best people, the best conversation, the best food, the best media.

And what determines the best is not someone outside of yourself.  It's not because someone else told you it was "the best".   It IS that which is still standing after millenium of dancing, decoying, convincing, and prodding.  The TRUTH is what lives in you AS you when all that you are falls away.

Ooftah.  Heavy?  No... LIGHT!

Follow it.  Breathe it.  Look for it. Stalk it.  Be it.

God Lives Here.