Get Over Yourself

It just dawned on me... like a sunrise. 

With clarity and inspiration... 

Get. OVER. Yourself. 


But not like you often hear it... I mean this: 

Allow your consciousness, your TRUTH, your essential nature to take presidence over who you have been told you are... who you think you are... who others pereceive. 

You aren't any of those people.  Not even a one.  You are so much MORE OVER than that.  So much more.

So.  Getting OVER myself means this:

  #1.  I am not the comment I made on the phone last night.  I am more robust.

#2.  I am not the person she/he/they thinks I am.  I am more complete.

#3.  I am not what I do.  What I say.  The quantity of my successes or the limitations as seen through my failures.  I am much MORE than that. 

Getting over myself is THIS:  Closing my eyes, seeing my whole being penetrating, permeating, and oozing in and through all things..... as LOVE LOVE LOVE.

And then there's this:  

Yat Bhavam. 

Tat Bhavati. 

As you worship... so you become.

Mastering this little piece of magic is the mastery of my life. 

Now, back at it...