Full Tummy. Still Hungry.

I've walked this path for some time now.  And each day, I find myself asking questions and seeking answers.  Not just any questions… not just any answers… but the ones that will NOURISH me.  

For years, in my teens and early twenties, I walked a different path.  One detour included a lovely little eating disorder… Took laxatives.  Overate.  Overexercised.  Obsessed about my weight.  I was always full.  Always numb.  Always hungry.


So then in a round about, family circus style journey… I found my way here.  To THIS sort of Love.  This sort of Path.  This sort of Life.

Let me tell you a few things I know on this spring eve… with the goats bellowing in the background, and my red painted fingernails stained with the dirt from my garden.

I feel nourished.

Why?  It's simple.

1.  Every day I ask myself how I want to END my day.  Not dwelling in the future… but marinating in the NOW of it all… looking for what I can select from my refrigerator, my "To-Do" list, my "List of Longing" that will help me take one step closer to how it is that I want to end my day.. how it is that I want to feel when I close my eyes.

2.  I practice yoga.  Every day.  Before the sun rises.  The birds wake up when I am finishing… and this, seriously, rocks my world.

3.  I have come to choose magazines, music, TED talks, blogs, conversations, friends, and interactions that help me SEE myself in the light of how I want to influence the world and how deeply I want to be connected to all that is.

4.  I follow the moon, the seasons, the light…. and this shows up in what I eat, drink, wear, and how I interact with the world.  Aligning myself in this way is profound.

5.  I look for what is most nourishing -- at all times in all ways.  It simply is NOT about what fills my tummy because a full tummy does not translate into nourishment.  Nourishment comes from the deep and meaningful conscious ways that I reach out to my loved ones, my students, the teachers that look to me for support and guidance, my neighbors, and even the gas attendant.

So here's the take home message:  Your life is YOURS.  Your choices?  YOURS.  And as easy cheesy as it sounds:  Every breath you take.  Every thought you think.  Every feeling you have?  YOURS.  Your choices.  You can choose where to direct your life force… how to nourish your inner landscape… and what it's gonna take for you to go to bed tonight feeling EXACTLY as you want to feel:  totally present.  Totally satiated.  Totally Nourished.


So, I suggest you stop talking so much.  And get on with it.

I'm not bullshitting you.  This is for real.  You can have this.  Every day.  It doesn't mean you feel happy all the time.  It means you are HERE all the time… and CONNECTED all the time -- to your successes and your screw-ups alike.  Totally connected.  And totally BLESSED.

 All. The. Time.

You want some of this?

Come & get it.



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