Eyes of Sky.

Hi.  I am glad to see you here.  It's been some time since we met this way.  Four months ago, I boarded a plane and entered silence.  I can't say why, exactly.  But I just knew it was time, and it  was necessary. So, I'll go ahead and apologize in advance, for this isn't my normal "blog" style -- and I'm a little rusty, for this is the first time in the history of my teaching life (more than 25 years, that I've been in silence for months on end).... Here we go. 

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The earth asked me to listen.

The waves beckoned me to her belly.

The silence called me by name.

And so I packed my bags and I stopped asking a million questions.

I stopped telling myself that it didn't matter or wasn't important.  

It was important.  I was important.

I refused the voice of fear as my guide.

I just responded.  

I responded not only to what was, but to what was possible.

And so here I am, as we all are at some point in our lives -- standing at the edge of what we have been -- learning, growing, and gathering sticks and bones and old ribbons for something yet to come.

I see this now, with eyes of sky.


Eyes that reveal magnitude, mystery, and grace.

And until now, I have barely been able to describe this, for the words dissolve or turn to fire flies as they fall from my mouth.

A few months ago, I willfully entered the unknown. Blindly, I named this time my "spiritual sabbatical". 


I call it my spiritual sabbatical, and you will call it what you will -- but know that somewhere, sometime, somehow, we are all called. 

Some of us are called to non-profits.  Others to the church or to the trees.  While others are called to the front lines.  

But, make no mistake, we are all called. And we hear the call when we make time and space to sit in the silence and listen.


And if we do not listen

something dies inside


Your unique response is crucial to your vitality and your impact in this life. 

Response, in its origin means to "pledge or promise in return".  This means that when you hear the call of your soul, you have a responsibility (an ability to respond -- to promise in return to act accordingly as one would, to the nature of your soul's unique calling). 

But we don't always fulfill the pledge or return the promise. 

We don't always respond, do we?  

In my experience, the "call of the soul" is frequently ignored, minimized, denied, or aborted.

Knowing this... how, then, shall you respond?   In Mary Oliver's words, what shall you do with this one holy life?  

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Wherever you are, you are here to respond to what is, exactly as it is.

Perhaps you are bored, disenchanted, or forlorn for thinking that your own soul has abandoned you?

Or maybe you stand in shock as you know the voice has spoken and you know not what to do?  

Or it could be that already you are utterly exhausted from wallowing through the thickness of complacency and comfort as you have taken laborious steps in the direction of your soul's deepest knowing?

Wherever you are is just right. Did you catch that?  

Wherever you are is just right  

You only need to know that much and that you are not alone.  And perhaps it comforts you to know that the fireflies that spew from my mouth on this day, from a small village in middle-of-nowhere Mexico are little tiny bits of love lightening -- here to remind you: please, please, please... do not fall back asleep.



Hear the call

 re s p o n d

Pledge and promise in return to do what is truest to your nature, in alignment with love, and that which brings you h{OM}e to your own vitality where your soul blazes through your eyes and you overflow with the gifts you have been given.

For I have been where you are, and there are others waiting for you:  waiting for you to respond.

You are stunning and useful and pure magic.

Now, get on with it.

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