The upcoming eclipse is getting a lot of press, and I can't help but notice that most people are welcoming it as an "event" or a "spectacle".   As a yogini, I have found myself disinterested in taking the trek across the state to watch the eclipse -- not because it won't be amazing, but because neighboring cities are already running low on gas, there are as many as one million extra people entering the state to witness this once in a century event, and I heard (although I can't confirm) that the Governor declared the solar eclipse a state of emergency.

So, I'm staying home.   And the more I delve into how yoga perceives this magnificent event, the more I realize that home is exactly where I want to be.  

Here are few comments on the eclipse, through the lens of yoga...


We are the MICROCOSM to the MACROCOSM:  With the eclipse, the planet on/in which we live is literally going to have a shift in its electromagnetic field -- you could say that the "nervous system" of the planet is going to be shifting -- transitioning momentarily (in the grand scheme of things) into its receptive, dark, parasympathetic, rest/recovery nervous system.  For me, this means I do not want to be traveling a long way, in a car, with a guhzillion others in their cars.... arriving in a new place/space with a guhzillion people all excited and amped up.  I want a quiet place and space where I can quietly, receptively, marinate in the EMF of the planet -- because I am a microcosm of this great, big world, and I would very much like to recalibrate my own nervous system.

NATURE is YOUR Nature:  This means -- the best way you can receive the most from this extraordinary cosmically charged event is to "act like nature" -- no mood altering substances, no synthetic clothing, no busy brain or full tummy or over-excitiation, and take off your shoes....  Be like the grass, sit on the grass, lie on the grass, be the grass.  And receive.

ALIGN with the DIVINE:  In these next days and hours leading up to the full solar eclipse -- take time to set an intention for yourself that is somehow connected to the greater good -- whatever it is, see for yourself, in your imagination, that you are  intending something for yourself that is ultimately in service to others and the world.  It starts with you, so it doesn't have to be huge, but let it be about "we" not only about "me".  

RECALIBRATE: When the sun returns to its full light in the sky -- a complete and exemplary "recalibration" of the planet will have taken place -- this means you have just crossed a marvelous moment where you are fresh and beginning anew.  

So there you have it -- whether you were going to join the mass transit of humans heading toward the dark side of the sky, or you were planning to stay home and tend to your own little world, these are a few ways that yogis do the solar eclipse.....  And wherever you are, I hope you take the time to appreciate this phenomenally powerful event, for you are most definitely part of nature, and when you see this and "be" this -- life has a way of living through you in mysterious and majestic ways.



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