Here's to Doin' It Different...

Cheap decorations bound for landfills.  Long gift lists of things forgotten by next year's celebration.  Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  Black Friday.  Bluh.

I am going about this holiday in a different way.  Wanna join me?

It's not so hard for me, living in the country and all.  But we all get sucked in  -- in at least some little way.


THIS year, I am doing the holidays consciously:  My gifts are full of canned goods, homemade, handmade, locally made yumminess.  And my house and home is to be filled with intention, not excess.  And then there's this great site you might want to check out:  It's all about shopping with intention:  

Or, do a little research and you just may have a cool little local store like we have… or you can visit me at the YogaFarm and shop at ours.

Amen I say.

What's this all about, you say?  

The truth?

Because I did it for more than 30 years the "other way" and it's out of alignment with who I am.  I can count the number of times I have had intentional, powerful, incredible holiday celebrations and CLEAR and JOYFUL entrance into the new year on. one. hand.

These recent years have been the best I have had… Clear headed, without an overstuffed belly & an up-way -too-late-New-Year's-hangover.  

Instead, I am slowing down, planning ahead with more heart, and raising the bar for myself…   This year is even extra special as my hubby and I are bringing yoga into every cell and corner of our home, inviting  like minded peeps out to the YogaFarm, practicing clear entry into the next year, and celebrating transition and transformation in a deep and meaningful (and still kick-ass) sort of way.  I. am. so. excited!

So, if you're up for it… and want to share in a really cool, delicious New Year's entry… Here's how you can join us.  But I reckon we are already nearing capacity… so if you are considering such an adventure, you might want to get this on your short list.

And I promise you'll remember this one come next year's holiday season.