Dirty Talk.

For the last week, I have been helping a soul sister with daily tasks while she recovers from surgery.  Time after time, we've had moment where we are moved to tears because we both feel so blessed to be here together -- each serving each other in ways that seem perfectly presented at our lives at just this right time.  

Yesterday I rose with vigor and decided to conquer the kitchen:  I organized and consolidated, cleaned the refrigerator and scrubbed the floor on hands and knees -- just the way my mama taught me. 

As I swept what appeared to be a relatively clean floor to discover the grunge and funk hidden just out of sight, I couldn't help but think about what a metaphor for life that little pile of dirt at my feet was for me.  

We sometimes don't realize how much funk we've been living amidst until we take the time to start cleaning up our act. 


We don't talk about this enough.  Everyone is looking for the light, the pretty, the shiny, the perfect. This is great and all, but God knows there are a lot of messes we've got to get through to get to the light and the pretty parts.

Here's the truth:  

Those of us who have ever decided to take a deep dive into the darkness and clean shit up do so from a quiet little corner of ourselves and likely aren't posting all the dirty, nasty funk we find on social media.  

Instead, we tend to it.  We slowly, steadily, faithfully begin the process of looking within -- into the corners and crevices of our minds, our histories, our hearts, and we realize that there is a whole bunch of clean-up that needs to be done.  And it sucks.  But we're there. And as hard as we know it might be, we're ready for it.  And we know we can't sweep it under the rug any longer, because it has become a trip hazard for the soul.

So we dig in.  We grab what we need:  our supplies, our community, our mentors and guides who have done the work before us, and we roll up our sleeves.  

Because at the center of this life, we all want so much more than nicely manicured hands, and pretty houses.  We want to know who we are and that we are loved when we are naked and dirty, real and raw. 

We want to know we are loved
not just BELIEVE it -- but KNOW it  -- in our BONES.
Not because we are pretty enough, smart enough, good enough, 
but because we are LOVE.

IF....  you are ready to up the ante on your own life -- roll up your sleeves and love your way home to yourself -- we've got what you need.... This September you can take a virtual journey with a light-hearted, clear-headed posse of peeps who are walking into the light of life by taking one purifying, clarifying step at time -- It is a holy pilgrimage into the center of your heart.  And it does not disappoint.... that's why we literally have hundreds of people who repeat this pilgrimage every September.. and rise up to meet themselves, clean and clear, alive and free.