Coming Clean.

It is just freakin' time.  

Time to come clean after a lot of sugar, wheat, dairy, erratic scheduling, disjointed yoga practices... and a few other rather-not-mentions.

The holidays have had their way with me, and I am super ready to offer up some serious TLC to my whole being -- but I'm taking a side door into this TLC thing.  I'm interested in tender loving care, no doubt... but even more so --

I am interested in TRUTH. LOVE. & CLARITY.

And so, this year I'm uppin' my own ante.  AhhhhhGain! 

And here are a few examples:

1.  letting my hair grow out its natural (that'd be gray) color. - I must admit, this one is really hard for me, and also sort of gags me.  I don't like the mousy color, the wiry texture or the way lady hairdresser people I know say, "oh, DON'T go natural -- you'll look ten years older!"  Um, excuse me -- I'll actually look my age and cease to look like I am trying to look ten years YOUNGER.

2.  healing some old relationship stuff -- oh, the Ex husband.  He could have his very own blog post.  Seriously.  I mean, come ON!  I have been married to a phenomenal, not to mention perfect-for-me man for over a decade now, and my first husband still makes my heart hurt when I think about him.  I hear he thinks I'm crazy. Not that it is any of my business what he thinks --  But I guess that's where my work remains... OOFTA!  I've still got some healin' to do on this one.  

3. wrapping up the list of things (the ones I can remember) that I said I'd do last year, but haven't -- this includes sending out some recipes, writing a few letters, sending out the promised YTT all-in-one manual, and writing an article series for our local newspaper.... And then there's the list of things that I want to do, but haven't even started (I reckon I better deal with last years undones before getting ahead of myself before the end of January).

4. clean up the intake -- that's food, bevy, Facebook, reading, movies, conversation, interactions -- ALL OF IT!

This is it, Friends:  Getting Clean.  Riding the wave of cultural consciousness as I step in to my 45th year on this planet.  For serious!  I imagine most of my most lucid years are behind me, but I also believe that my best years are still yet in me -- clamoring to get out.  

  ❤ T.L.C. 

Truth - say it like it is.  light not heat.  is it necessary? is it TRUE? is it kind? show up as I am not as something I'm not.  under-promise, over-deliver... all those things.

Love - start first thing in the morning -- offer up my day and my every breath to the divine.  heal some old stuff.  love the one I'm with.  repeat.

Clarity - get clean. stay clean.  shine the mirror.  purify this vessel. let the mud settle and pick up the shiny stuff... and use it to brighten this joint up.

That's all folks:  you can join me if you'd like (there's banners for the January event on over to your right) -- this is getting serious... and light.  and jam packed with TLC... for you and me. 

oh, and then all of this -- for me -- is intertwined with the ancient teachings of yoga and the most profound reverence for the all-that-is-no-name-can-suffice responsible for this whole magical universe.

Whew.  I'm sooo ready for 2015.

But first, I gotta go do the happy dance. The goats are waiting.