I am here.

I am alive.

I am in love. 

What else really matters? 
This is the question I ponder today.  

I am here:  Present.  Not wallowing in the past.  Not worrying about the future.  Asking myself each moment, what can I do now to live fully?  Serve seamlessly?  Be here?  BE.  

I am alive:  Breathing.  Taking one breath at a time.  Feeling everything that moves around me moving through me on the breath.  Sensing my feet on the ground.  Here. This. Now.  Nothing else.  Nothing more.  No where to go.  Nothing to do.  But this.  Spine Vertical.  Human.  Upward rising.  Open.  

I am in Love:  When in doubt, Love.  And then when it gets hard?  Love some more.  Serve yourself in love.  Serve others in Love.  Love.  Open.  Trust.  Be.  Breathe.  Love.  BE. IN. LOVE.


I am right here. 
Right now. 
Loving you. 
Loving it All.
Just like THIS. 
Just like THAT.  


That is enough for today. 

That is all.  

Om. B