A Public Proclamation of Love.

This is my public proclamation of Love.

About 15 years ago, I noticed that I started putting hearts everywhere.  I'd draw them on my grocery list.  I'd use them instead of punctuation when I journaled.  I'd sign my emails Love, Britt even if I had never met the person.  I was setting an intention, I suppose.  And at the same time, my intention to "be yoga, be nourishment, be nature, and to Be Love" was just moving through me.  I still draw hearts. Everywhere.

You see.  It's simple:  Love is why we came here.  It’s what we are.  I seriously love EVERYONE.  I love my ex-husband (still and a lot and it takes NOTHING away from my marriage to my current husband — whom I also love a LOT and am so GLAD to call "mine")

I love the police officer who arrested me when I was 19 and the could-have-been-boss who never hired me.  I love the one who cut my position, and the one who told me I wasn’t welcome without saying a word.  I love those who open the doors of their heart to me again and again.  I love Trump and Bernie and Hillary and Cruz.  I love them and the alternative does neither of us any good.  

I love those who have loved me out loud, scorned me, shunned me, deleted my comments, unfriended me on Facebook, and criticized me.  I love ALL beings.  Those who have money and don’t want to give it up and those who have none and want it given to them without cause.  I love those who run sweatshops and have caused others harm with intention and ignorantly.

I will say it again:  WHAT, dear friends,  is the alternative?  To NOT love?  For what desired outcome?  And for what ultimate good? 

For me, I will go on loving.  I will love always. For this is why I have come here.  And this is what I will do in the face of darkness, light, love and loss until I no longer walk this earth. This is my tiny little light shining forth on the world… My lamp may never be a “12000 candle” brightness… but when one lost soul gets lost in the woods, I will hold up my single, bright flame and they can come to my House.  

Om. B