It took me 40 Years to Learn What Works: THIS Works (& it is not work).

It took me nearly 40 years to start to truly take care of myself... I danced around it and gave "self-care" some glorious lip service.  I'd take an hour here, or get a massage there.  But really I just skimmed the surface.  

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 8.10.41 AM.png

It wasn't until I took an airplane ride to a place by myself for myself and slept in a king size bed with the ocean waves lapping outside my window -- all on my own.... for ME and me alone.... 

That is when I realized how limited my living had become.

So, I got serious.   I faced the reality that depletion served no one.  It wasn't a badge of honor.  It wasn't serving those I serve.  It was a loser.  Total and utter loser.  My husband lost.  My students lost.  My family lost.  I lost. 


When that kind of "ah-ha" moment shows up... there's no arguing.

You might know where I'm coming from.  Maybe you've been taught that taking time out and spending money on yourself as an act of self-care is selfish... that it is a "no go" (or a "no no").  

But, I've got a question for you:  How's that working for you?  I mean REALLY.  

Think of it this way:  

How much do you spend each year in attempts to "fill your void"?  

A new pair of shoes here, a dinner out... a few new things for the living room... dessert... a pair of earrings... a bottle of wine... another bottle of wine....."  And what of the repercussions of THAT?  The expensive protein powder (because you've let yourself go and gotta clean up your act), the Advil... because you're all stressed out and have a headache... the co-pay at your doctor... the massage (yeah... it's good for you, but not so good if you are dealing with symptoms your lifestyle has created).... and the fish oils,  the probiotics....  Again, that stuff is GOOD for you... but these aren't intended to be bandaids, Sisters.  And it gets expensive -- not just in the financial sense. 

So, what if you did it differently this time? 

A little more consciously.  What if you took the chance and did things with a bit more intention?  What if you lovingly announced, "I'm heading off the grid into an immersion for a week.... I'm really wanting to up my game on how I show up in the world... and all I do and with whom I care most about..... so I am taking a week to do JUST THAT... I'm stepping out for a 'fraction of a lifetime' to reboot, and remember what matters most."  

Just watch.  Watch what happens.  

Better yet, Feel.  Feel what happens.

Spoiler alert:  Every single person you touch wins.


It starts right here.   You Ready?  I got something for you.