Can't See the Forest...

through the trees.

I was standing in my kitchen last night.  The stars were super bright outside.  (BTW:  You just may not know bright unless you have been to our neck of the woods…. It feels sometimes like someone has placed a piece of tin from an old pie safe between a bright light and my eyes when I look up to this brilliant, star-struck sky.)

Anyway, tangent.

So, I was standing in my kitchen.  

While I was en route from Vernonia to the Farm yesterday afternoon, one of our carpenter finished installing shelves on my kitchen walls:  We call them  “cup boards”. Fashioned from old barn wood, with brackets made of that same ol’ barn.  (Indeed, this is the same wood that adorns our floors, door trims, and soon to be baseboards.  Oh Lord, how I hope I never tire of this old farm.)

Nothing about this kitchen is “normal”.  Nothing about it is Pinterest.  Instead, it is quite an anomaly.  Loaded with unusual details that come to me in dreams or from picture books of age old European houses.

I drift back and forth between what needs to be done today (sand prime walls for lime plaster in the kitchen, tape off headers in the bathroom, etc…) to a fuzzy vision of the future of this kitchen:  inviting chef yogis to work a weekend or stay on as apprentice, preparing meals for 20 amidst a yoga teacher training, teaching an Ayurvedic cooking workshop, or communing during harvest and putting gardens to rest.  All of it sounds JUST marvelous to me!

And… I can’t see the forest through these trees.  Each day is one step closer to what this all shall look like exactly…. As the one thing I know for sure is I can plan like a madman, and still, the end result will look quite different than all of the dreams and plans and visions might like to predict. 

This house and dream and process is full of unexpected twists and turns and unknowns, as all dreams and visions are.  And therein lies the work.

The work is clear:  Stay open.  Stay willing. Seek freedom.  Be Love.

So, for me, today:  “Open” comes in the form of knowing I have a team of artisan lime plasterers arriving to shrowd my kitchen in plastic, lime dust, and construction, yet again. 

“Willing” is my internal reminder to gently press on, so that the will of this place can be known and heeded. (Just like the yoga teacher training curriculum that just went snail mail to Yoga Alliance today for accredidation.  Woo Hoo!)  

“Seek Freedom”  is all about looking for the flow that is ever present, even in the most challenging stages of development…. Follow the laughter, the community, & the connections. 

And, most important and all encompassing as it is:  Be Love.

‘Nuf said.