Budding Out

I love this time of year.  The trees are budding.  The bulbs are peeking up.  The animals are getting ready to bring on the babies!  I LOVE that about Spring.

We went for a walk today.  In the forest.  I don't do it enough, I tell you.  The trees are oozing with life... the lichen, moss, and prana OOZING from the trees and plants and waterways brings me to goosebumps.  Check out how amazing this FOREST is?  I hope you are planning your visit soon... I want you to smell this AIR!

As we walked, I kept hearing these unusual sounds... bubbling, whining, water drum sounds... the water, the breeze, the trees talking.  It reminded me of waking up a few hours earlier... to a thudding sound.  It literally WOKE me up... and then I realized... it was my own heart I was hearing.  I was being awakened from the inside out.   That is a wild feeling -- so differerent from the awakening I recall when I lived on Latte Way (can you imagine?) in the subdivision of Coffee Creek in Hillsboro when I first moved to Oregon -- when I would awaken to the neighbor's alarm clock.


I am sitting at the Black Bear.... this little dig in Vernonia.  Our internet is out at our retreat center, so we are sequestered to the internet cafe, like we were back in Bali, but the Oscars are on, and we are bundled up in our winter clothes, because... um.  It is not 95 degrees and Bali.

But I am LOVING it. 


I am so excited to offer these two upcoming events:

AYURVEDA FOR ADVANCED STUDENTS AND YOGA TEACHERS (click on the title for a direct link).

March 2nd at YogaPearl, Portland.


Drum ROLL!!!!!  Our first event at the YogaFarm.....

Sacred Sexuality with Dr. Deborah Kern (our first official event at the YogaFarm, taught by my dearest mentor and friend, Deb Kern). 

April 14th

10 am - 4 pm

$169, all inclusive (including ayurvedic lunch)

Experience and Harness Your True Feminine Power.

~ A full day small group workshop experience ~

Sacred  sa·cred   sáykrid from the Latin word sacersacr- "holy, sacred," from which sacred is derived, is also the source of English consecrate: 1.    Worthy of veneration  2.    Inviolable:  not to be challenged or disrespected  

Exotic ex·ot·ic   ig zóttik1.     strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously unique and different

Most women are living life cut off from their true essence, exhausting themselves as they try every kind of exercise and diet regime to feel sexy, sensual and feminine.  Cut off from their true power, they are running on fumes - feeling cranky, overwhelmed and tired.

That’s what this workshop is all about.  It is a journey to reclaim your Divine Feminine essence... your sacred... your exotic... Learn how to harness the power of your own sensuality and embrace your uniqueness.

Every woman’s sensual nature is sacred.  Worthy of honor.  Not to be challenged or disrespected.  Every woman is strikingly unique, and most naturally exotic.  This is how the divine feminine IS in her natural state... in your natural state. 

Excitingly and mysteriously different. 

It’s about time you discovered it for yourself.

April 14th

10 am - 4 pm

$169, all inclusive (including a community prepared ayurvedic lunch)

If you would like to register for this workshop, please email or call Britt directly:  britt@brittbsteele.com or 503-780-4034.  I cannot stress how unique this offering will be and what a blessing it is to have Dr. Deb join us in this way... completely engulfed by Mother Nature... no cell service, no internet, and one hour from Portland. 

This program will be small, intimate, and life changing.  Deb is my dearest teacher, my Light when darkness has come over my own life, and I am so honored to have her join us.  This program will fill quickly.