Oh, YogaFarm... Where Art Thou?


Just a note to say that our busy (and blessed) summer has officially kicked us in the backside, and the YogaFarm has entered into (or objects to move beyond) a slowwwwwwwww stage of development.  

But I want you to know we are still here... finishing floors, interior walls, and lime plaster exterior as I write this (literally). Appliances are ALL ordered. I found my couch (amen to that), and the french doors look amazing: a deep oceanic turquoise for the water and air elements in fullness!

But I must confess... It. Feels. SO. slow.... Like a traffic jam.

You know what I mean:  when you are in a hurry to get somewhere (although what better place than here?), and no cars are moving?... You are nearly sitting still on the freeway and sometimes moments, minutes, and even dreadful hours pass before you finally start to really move.  And the truth is sometimes you see the cause up ahead and understand why the heck things got so mucked up, and other times you never know... you just rejoice in the movement. 

Our house feels like that.  The plan was to move in by June.  Then, um, August.  Now it seems Thanksgiving is a reasonable plan.  Although planning appears to be a moot practice, one that I do to ritualistically tether myself to some sort of anchor that involves us actually LIVING at the YogaFarm.

EXHALE, she says!  

I must release... let go into whatever it is that is unfolding that I cannot see.  Each day we work on the house. Each day progress is made.  Each day, although I may not see it, we are closer to moving in.  Closer to our first Daycation, Yoga Retreat, and Teacher Training.

For now, it is what it is.  And I am blessed to be a part of this unknown, uncertain, clearly fuzzy progress of building a home, a retreat center, and a place for us to gather in Love.  I can't wait to share a cup of tea on our new couch with you... post-full-day-of-yoga-nature-no-cell-phone-deliciousness.

Rock on Hanuman!  And, in the meantime... here are the finished walls in our bedroom... with a view.


That's it from this Yogini's heart to yours:  just wallowing in the wonder of it all and throwing caution to the autumn wind!

See you sometime... that I know for sure!