Are You Willing to be Happy? No, Seriously...

Namaste Yogis!

So, we have spent a few nights at the YogaFarm, in full-on construction site style.  The new mouser cat, Turtle, has feasted on something with a crunch and whiskers on the floor at the foot of our bed the last few nights—won’t mind that ceasing when we get all the mouse holes sealed.  For now, I’m glad for Turtle:  that he can fulfill his dharma in our bedroom (grimace). 

Speaking of dharma, I am touched lately by how each of us have a unique way of being on the planet.  A friend visiting from Sweden, spoke of it in a way that stuck.  

We were driving down the road after picking blueberries, and he asked us, “Are you willing to be happy?” 


“No, Really…." He said,  "Are you WILLing to be happy?” 

Hhhhmmmm...  Willing.... Willing?  WILLing.  Am I WILLING happiness?  

The power in this statement wasn’t so much about what we are willing to be.  Instead it was about the WILLINGNESS that must permeate our entire being in order to access the natural flow that juices darn near everything. 


He might as well have been asking me, “Are you willing to be patient?  Are you willing to be disciplined?  Are you willing to be fully committed to love?  Are you willing to walk the path that is open before you?” 

For you, the question might be something more like, “Are you willing to relax amidst "recent news" (whatever that may be)?  Are you willing to practice?  Are you willing to trust your teacher?  Are you willing to trust yourself? Are you willing to listen to your heart?  Are you willing to live in Truth?  Are you willing to do your job with both feet in?  Are you willing to be courageous?  Are you willing to be strong?  Are you willing to see beauty everywhere?  Are you willing to embrace life as it is?  Are you willing to follow your Dharma?... your path, your God-given journey with all of its unique twists, and turns, droughts, and abundant harvests?  Are you WILLING?  

That's the question:  Are  You Willing?

So, the next time you feel like your life is staring down on you, and you feel tension, annoyance, judgment, or resistance, can you offer up nonresistance... to everything... even to the resistance itself, and ask yourself, “are you WILLing to be happy?”

OM from the YogaFarm.