This is More Important

Sometimes I spend way too much time "thinking" about what to share with you, when if I would just go to what touches my heart the most deeply, there is nothing more right.

I have so much reverence to all of you who are loving yoga, for the small and large of it.  For the inspiration, relaxation, breath, and healing it offers you, whether we touch hearts in the ethers, at YogaPearl, Deva Daaru YogaFarm, or the Grange... Whether or not we have ever met, we share the blessings of yoga.  We have this greatness in common, and I am honored to share this connection with you.

There is nothing more important than what yoga can do when committed, moment by moment, day by day, to the deep, healing wisdom it can offer.  

Please share this with your friends... We never know what miracles await us.  Just ask this man.

Love to you all,