You are OMvited to Attend.....

Om Yogis, 

Wow.  What a journey.  Each week I think about you… hoping that those of you with whom I share an “earthly” connection are doing well and are full of all good things.  Those of you with whom I share an ethereal (a.k.a. internet) connection are finding inspiration wherever you are. 

Each day, it is increasingly clear to me that my life requires yoga.  Yoga is my practice... It is how I get through... how I balance.... how I cross-check myself against what is pushing or pulling me in a different direction than my best intentions or greatest benefit.  For me, the practice of yoga, both on and off the mat, is a reverential, mutually supportive journey toward the experience of feeling more and more connected to what we resist, to what challenges us, to what poses as struggle… and all the other stuff that is easy to connect with as well (like joy, love, good things happening).  the canopy drive to the YogaFarm, each mile unwinds the tensions and purifies the mind with rich, oxygenated, pranic air

These are exciting times in my life... and equally challenging.  I have been working hard on our permits for our YogaFarm, as well as the Yoga Alliance credidation process for my upcoming 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, which launches February 2013.  Then, our house (that has been on and off the market for nearly 6 years) has finally agreed to a new owner, with just a week left to go before closing,  and Deva Daaru, our YogaFarm, is coming together, moment by moment, radiant floor sleeper by radiant floor sleeper, mud wall by mud wall.  It is all good, all challenging, and beautiful  We are tired, sore, grateful and peaceful.

Just a few days ago marked our “less than 30 days until Deva Daaru”.  Deva Daaru is the name we have for our YogaFarm.  It is a Sanskrit word that translates into the Divine Guardian of the Ancient Cedar Tree, and it was chosen because one of my favorite teachers saw a photo of the big ol’ cedar tree on our land, and knew it immediately. If you sit in the middle of the tree (like in her belly because it's wide open now and you can do just that), you can't help but feel the inevitable connection to all that is around us, in and through us.  

Some of you have visited Deva Daaru and already seen the tree.  If you haven't and would like to...  It's here for the waitin' for the sittin' and for the sharin', and we'd love to have you come join us for our first "official" sharing of Deva Daaru.  

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