Knit Is IT!

Namaste Devatas ~

Before I forget, the Sun Salutation workshop this Sunday is from 2-4pm, and is only $38 (versus the previously published 2-4:30pm $48 you may have received) Click the flyer below to take you to the official Yoga Pearl website.

Now for what I came here to say...

When I finished teaching Monday evening, a yoga student, to whom I hadn't officially introduced myself, was sitting waiting for her ride.  I went to introduce myself, and sat with her to get to know her a little bit.  

What a joy!  I won't blow her cover, but suffice it to say, she has a very important position with a very important person doing some very important work on a very public level.  (How about that for evasive?)

As we were talking about her work, she said something about how she loves "getting in there" and making things happen.  She loves looking at a daunting situation,  immersing herself in the visionary concepts and figuring out the HOW of it all.  She said something that made a ton of sense to me: she said, "It's like knitting... one stitch, then another stitch, then another."

Hhhmm.. Knitting... one stitch at a time.  I don't knit.  But I get it.  And this perspective is pretty darn helpful to me, because big, daunting tasks are like a recipe for paralysis in my world.  

So I guess it's time I look at this home building bit as a pattern for knitting a new scarf:  knitting one stitch of the YogaFarm at a time...

Here are the stitches that were stitched just yesterday:

* the appliance counter and pantry walls were framed in

* window went into the mudroom bathroom

* clay experts showed up and are setting up a clay work station to find clay on ourr land and prepare for a base coat of earthen plaster on the walls --looks like we will have horse manure in the final wall application -- I'll say more about this another time :)

* finished the floor plan for the kitchen so we can order countertops and sink today

* planed trim pieces for our clay stops on the baseboards

* monster truck delivery of mineral wool: received, moved, and stored for installation

* more insulation installed with MGO board on the ceiling and walls

* refined clay application

* looked at metal ceiling tiles for kitchen, and determined kitchen drop height

YIPPEE!  And those are just the "stitches" I remember!

So, today is 66 Days to Deva Daaru (that's the party where everyone is invited to come play with us, camp with us, eat with us, rest with us, dream with us, BE with us) on the 23rd of June. 

... If you missed it the first time, Deva means "divine", Daaru means "ancient Cedar tree"... so Deva Daaru is the God of the Ancient Cedars... and when you come visit you will meet Deva Daaru. Here it is:

One stitch at a time... one breath, one dream, one vision, one blossom, one meal, one practice, one day, one moment. 

Off to knit myself a YogaFarm...  What shall you knit today? I can't wait to know :)

Big love to you all.