This is how God Is.

So, I woke up this morning and promptly remembered that today was the day to write a blog post. "Bloom where you are planted.  Rooted, vibrant, and upward reaching."

Here's how it is unfolding:

Sunday morning.  No presssing commitments at all... just a full day of fun things to do.

The fog was heavy, so I bundled up and took Surya, the mighty golden retriever, for a walk down the hillside to do his business.

It was GORGEOUS.  The fog was lifting, the creek was making some serious music, and there was a bald eagle perched just over our heads, watching Surya roll in the grass and make a green slimy mess of himself from yesterday's lawn mower cuttings.

I laughed out loud and wished others were with me to share in the beauty of it all.

A marathon was starting out from our place, so Larry and I walked over with the starters to watch it launch. My favorite part was when the starter yelled over the heads of 200+, "Okay everyone, I am going to count backwards from TEN to start the race... TEN!  NINE!  EIGHT!  SEVEN!  Oh. Wait.  Car coming!"  Laughter.... Car passed.  Start over.

What a beautiful moring.  A PERFECT day to write my blog.  I felt so inspired and was anxious to get back to my desk and share this with all of you... It is so incredible to be in the country.  Stunning.  Clean air.  Daffodils, fruit tree blossoms, etc. etc.  

I started back to my office... walking down the road following the marathoners. Surya, the wonder dog wanted to run...  So I started with him.  About ten paces into it... BAMMO!  

Fully snarled up in his lead, I hit the road.  HARD.

I busted up my hand and tore my favorite jeans... hat, doggy do bags, and other items go flying, following a loud crash of my aluminum thermal hitting the pavement.

My husband comes jogging down the road to rescue me from my sprawl in the middle of Keasey Road.

Bloodied a few parts---knee, wrist, knuckles... my ego... you know:  the usual.

I cried all the way as I walked home. 


What a GREAT day to write my blog.


Deep breath.... So, here I sit... clouds have filled the sky again.  It might rain.  The runners have all taken off. Surya, the 90+ pound puppy, sleeps... covered in grass at my feet.  My knee hurts. A lot.

I am reminded what my teacher in Bali says,

"THIS is how GOD IS."  

Whatever shows up... however it shows up... however YOU show up or I show up...

This is how GOD IS."  Somedays it's easy to bloom.  Other days it isn't so easy.  

"Bloom where you are planted..."  Nothing like a good deal of compost to make for a beYOUtiful blooming of YOU.

Breathe.  Trust.  Bloom.

Thank you.  I feel better already.