You Are the Light.

Good Morning, Devatas. 

Devatas is what my teacher in Bali would call us, the collection of seeker folks from around the globe that would surround him while he shared some of the most basic and powerful teachings of yoga.  He would tell us that we were brilliant, filled with light, and that it was a blessing to even have the slightest interest in yoga in this life.  

Having seen and tasted and touched how yoga brings me grace in my own life (not all the time, of course), I must say I agree with him. 

Today I want to just  say “hello”.    No specific topic, just a big ethereal HUG from my little apartment at Cedar Ridge, to wherever you are reading this.

It is a little after 5 a.m. on Saturday, and there is a loaf of bread (or maybe it’s a brick of bread… the verdict is still out) in the oven.  I will be preparing myself for the day coming up here, and then heading out to teach my Saturday morning back to back classes at the Vernonia Grange. 

Some of you have been following me for more than a decade (hard to believe), while each day there are newbies who show up as subscribers.    To each of you, I am really grateful, and will continue to do my best to share information in this forum that is useful, interesting, creative, and always juicy.Sunset outside my kitchen window--there is brilliance everywhere. Where is it in your life?

Life is life, ya know?  There are days that I wake up tired, uncertain, and confused.  I’m not different, at all, than anyone else in that way.  My hope, and constant practice, is to go to the mat, the book, my altar (which is the bottom shelf of a bookshelf, BTW), and to wake up just a little more today… to let old hurts and challenges – whether they are conscious or weird little quirks in the way I act or react to life –but to let those things be “seen/gone”.  Let them come into my life, teach me what they came to teach, and then leave… leave me with a full, energized, certain and clear heart.  That’s all. 

I’ve heard it said that it’s the tiniest things that we do that bring us to clarity and a full heart.  The morning walk, a conscious tether to sit quietly for even five minutes each morning, having a gratitude journal,  doing a salutation to the sun.

My hope for you today is for a clear and open heart, and if you woke up a bit distant from that, no worries…. That, too, shall pass.  Trust your heart.  Know that you are whole and complete exactly as you are and that everything is not only alright, it is ALL RIGHT.