Whatever It Takes: IN-SPIR(it)-ATION


In a conversation with a student recently, I was sharing with her how I come into inspiration.  It seems that I spend a good portion of my days "seeking" inspiration... which is sort of funny because I don't actually think we need to seek it.  Instead, it's really about being open enough to feel it when its in your vicinity--which is always (if you can believe it).  It's about leaning to call it in from the ethers.  

However it comes to you, through you, in you, takes you... One thing I know for sure: It is super duper important.

Inspiration is breath for the soul.  In-SPIR(it)-ATION... the gathering of breath (spiritus in latin) into the depths of your YOUness.  It is what provides you with life force, light, faith, and the energy to get through the days (especially the tough ones).  And it's magic, ya know?  Because it can't be shut down, turned off, or dampered, because once you take it in, it BECOMES You.  And YOU cannot be squelched.  It's impossible.  

Another thing is that it is also super duper important to know the difference between inspiration and stimulation. Sometimes we confuse those and think they are the same thing.   They are not.  Here's the key:  stimulation is always followed by some sort of lull (or "dull").  It might be extreme, like a sense of depression or loss, or it might be subtle, where you just feel flat or a bit "bluhk".   

Inspiration, however, is so. much. deeper. than. any. stimulation. could. ever. be.  One feels it in the space behind the navel.  Way behind the navel.  One feels the back side of the heart expanding and opening to take in what lies behind us.  One feels it as a "rising" and a connectedness. And once you feel it.  It is YOURS.  

Maybe the best way to explain this is to SHOW you a moment when I felt TOTALLY inspired...



Even when I watch this, I feel it all over again... YUMMY!

How to feel inspired?  Well, it's a practice.  It's the practice of surrounding yourself with that which OPENS you. Nature.  Poetry. Art.  Music.  Sound.  Sunshine.   And oftentimes it is even more about "spring cleaning" out the stuff and guck that DOESN'T inspire you.... anything that compares you to others.  Anything that somehow leaves you with a sense of being cluttered and unfulfilled.  Neti Neti, as we say in yoga (Not this. Not this)... Whatever isn't inspiring, move it out!  Clear the way for inspiration, and get RID of all that doesn't have depth and juice!

Here are some ways to GET inspired and STAY inspired:

1.  Get outside every day -- the earlier the better

2.  Create a morning ritual (gratitude journal, incense, candle, sitting/meditating, yoga practice, music to bring you hope, clarity and focus) -- Any of these alone or in conbination can do the trick

3.  Always have fresh flowers in your house -- or at least ONE

4.  Crack a window all the time to take in fresh air

5.  Draw, write, cook, clean, organize, pray, dance or whatever... to some piece of music that gives you goosebumps and/or makes you laugh out loud

6.  Be on the stealth look-out for things that make your eyes go bug-eye and a smile engulf your face

Spring is a perfect time for being inspired.  And its in you.  It's in every one of you.