GRACE: Find Your Way Through Me

Yesterday we were driving in Portland and my husband asked me to put on some music.  I was taking a little snooze in the passenger’s seat while a song by a friend of our, David Roth, came on.  The name of the song is ‘That Kind of Grace’ and reminds us to be loving in all sorts of challenging circumstances.  As I listened to it I sat up and found myself thinking about yoga, and how the practice of yoga blesses us in so many ways:

1)  We are less reactive (which means we are more positive, proactice, and compassionate)

2)  If/When we do react, we do so with less frequency and intensity, and

3)  We recover more quickly. 


The take home message?  Less suffering and more peace. 


As the song played, I heard the chorus  repeat, “… and when I sing Amazing Grace, your face is what I see.  I hope someday that kind of Grace will find its way through me.”  It’s like a mantra for me… I sang Amazing Grace at my step father’s funeral, and it has always been a song that has touched me, reminding me to bring together all aspects of spirituality, and all aspects of humanity – doing my best to see the world through a compassionate lens.  Truth is sometimes I do that gracefully… other times its sloppy.


Here it is for you to listen for yourself… 




Powerful, huh? 


As I listened, we passed a man sitting under an overpass, drinking a hot beverage and smiling, as the steam rose from his cup.  I couldn’t help but think of how easy it is to see our separateness.  To look at what everyone else does to us in life, instead of seeing how we can come together.  There’s an election coming up, black and white is blue and red.  I have a friend in Vernonia who always says, “I’m purple.”  I love that.


That’s it for this Sunday:  a simple reminder to breathe and be breathed. To feel the interconnectedness with one another and to let go of the differences, time and time again… and hear me singing these words to you, “and when I sing amazing grace, your face is what I see… I hope someday that kind of grace will find its way through me.”


Have a blessed week.