Spring Forward & 108 Days to WHUT?


This blog post has two important pieces... one is a brief exploration of day light savings done the yogi way, and the other is shedding some light on this 108 day countdown thing (the second part is an audio message I recorded just for you :)

We'll start with day light savings.... As the clock springs us forward, I write this on the eve of day light saving Pacific Standard time, knowing that as you read this, you will likely be in a darker place than you were yesterday morning at the same time.  Although there is some talk about letting day light savings be a fond part of history, it is still here today, and with that, I recommend taking full advantage!   There is magic in the darkness!!!

 Three simple ways to invoke the YUM:

1.  Take a walk with the sunrise -- with the sun rising "later" in the morning, for just a little while, this gives you a marvelous chance to have a conversation with the sun, the gentle morning breeze, and the birds as they start their daily chatter.

2.  Have a tea date with yourself -- if you are so lucky to have others in your home "sleeping in" as a result of the darker mornings, take full advantage of waking up, making a cup of tea (or jo if that's your fancy), and sitting quietly to listen to your body and be grateful for another day.

3.  Journal or dance your way from darkness into light -- a great way to step consciously into the morning.  Set your intention for your day (or "sankalpa" as we say in yoga).  Sit quietly with your intention, or another option is to put on a piece of music that inspires you and dance it into the day.  I find either of those work like a charm. 

 And now for that 108 Something or Other... Here's the SCOOP!

What is 108 Days to Deva Daaru? (mp3)




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