Seva with Simplicity

So, I'll save my addiction to Pinterest (click to get addicted) for another time (Oy.) but suffice it to say that THIS came out of something I saw there.  

I also saw a lovely post that said to steal from others "their" great ideas and to do so with joy and reverence for the creativity of the universe -- after all, everything we think we "own" we don't really... it belongs to something so much greater than ourselves... Oh, and don't try to hide it (the stealing part)...  Shout it from the rooftops and give credit where credit is due.   The post also said that it isn't what we take that matters... it's what we GIVE. This makes so much sense to me--never forgetting that the universe is limitless, and that there is enough art, beauty, opportunity and abundance for all of us and then some... and that it the limited lens through which we see the world that brings about the fear of scarcity.  

Anyway... I couldn't know the author of this idea, and so I guess I stole it.  I stole this from Pinterest.  And I love it.  I am going to post it on the bulletin board at the historic center where I teach yoga.  It's my seva... my service with simplicity.  

Seva is a word in the yogic tradition that is usually described as "service".  Like many words in the ancient language of sanksrit, the english translation doesn't quite do it service (no pun intended :).

Seva is made up of two words:  "saha" and "eva".  Saha means "with that" and eva means "too".  The word seva is translated as meaning "together with" and is expressed in its fullness when we:

a) recognize another's needs

b) seek to meet those needs and

c) do so in a way that raises one's own and others' highest expression of humanity.  

Seva, by nature is simple. By understanding this, we realize that all we are doing is being a flicker of brilliance in the life of another.  By expanding just a bit more in what we already do day to day, we call others to rise up, open their own hearts and pay forward the goodness that we are sharing with them.  

Here's the tricky part--one can get a little caught up in serving someone in a way that "motivates" another to step up and serve someone else.  It isn't actually that. Instead, the way of reaching out, for each of us, is without motivation, without a desired outcome, and YET our hearts are so very clear that we cannot help but awaken the devata (the brilliant light) within those we touch.  So, we open, share our openness, it ignites the heart of another and there you have it!  And if it expands beyond that, it is pure magic!  Icing on an already completely satisfying cake!

Ghandhi is a great historic example of that.  As was Jesus.  As was the Buddha.  And today, we might even say Oprah has that within her... "causing" without intention to do so, others to step into their brilliance and share goodness with others.  You know of others in your own life, I am sure... a Grannie, a neighbor, someone who lives beneath your own roof?? :)

The take home message is pretty simple... serve often and serve simply.  Use your gifts (they are there... and are what you do everyday... they don't have to look profound to have PROFOUND impact). 

You are brilliance itself.