Yoga is SO Delicious

As you read this, I am deep in the forest on retreat... having prescheduled the release of this blog post.

I want to make sure you know about two upcoming events... both are a great gift to request for Christmast if you are one of those who doesn't know what you want (and you secretly know that what you REALLY want cannot fit into a box wrapped with pretty paper).

First is this ~ bright and shiny on New Year's Morning... my first class in Portlant since I went on retreat November 30th... Oh, there is SO much to share!


 And another is a distance learning program that begins January 10th... a very special program that totally lit my soul and the soul of nearly 50 others from across the globe last New Year's.  This is a beautiful way to begin the New Year.  And, it's a great gift to request for yourself for Christmas if you're into that sort of thing...

I'm on retreat (so I can answer questions via real, old, landline phone until January 1st, but registration is up and running already... found at