This Wandering Yogini is Landing...

Before I launch into this blog post... here are some updated YogaFarm photos:

Don't forget to hit the "back buttom" and come back after you see the photos!  

And now for the BloomLetter....
I have been wandering.
And it is time to land.  
Seriously.  It's time to Land.    
Sometimes moving forward isn't the way it seems.
It's time to look within.  
Time to take a technology break.  
Time to dream into being what is possible from the inside out.
And it's time for this Yogini to be STILL.  
During the craziest, busiest, familiest month of the year.  
I am taking the month of December off from all traveling, teaching, texting, facebooking, and cell-phoning.  
My body needs a reboot.  
And the land at Deva Daaru, our YogaFarm and home, I trust will do a miraculous job at just that.  
My plan (although we know how those go), is to get all of our stuff moved in by November 30th, and to NOT leave the Land where we are (still) building.  Our hope is hunker down, structure our yoga practice and studies, develop curriculum for students, work on the house in limited blocks, and return to teaching in January with a clarity that is longing to come through.  I love this about the practice.... sometimes it is radiant, huge, big, and bold.  Sometimes it is quiet, deep, dark and rooted.  
That'd be where I am going in December. Into the woods....
Here's what it will look something like:
6:00 AM  Rise for Dinacharya (daily rituals)
6:30 AM Yoga Practice
8:30 AM  Breakfast
9:00 AM   Class Curriculum, Yoga Teacher Training Development, and Planning for 2013
12:00 N Break for Lunch
12:30  Work on the house
4:00 PM Call it a day.. study... cook... dream... walk....
And then the next day?  Do it all again :)
Now I didn't say you couldn't visit. If you want to come out, come on out.  Just call me on my land line, because I shall have no internet and no cell service.  The phone # for the YogaFarm is 503-429-DEVI (3384).

If you want to join me before I head to the woods, 
******  Join me at YogaPearl at 8:30 am Thanksgiving Day ******  

If you want to join me when I resurface
******   Join me at YogaPearl at 8:30 am New Year's Day ******  
All regular classes and scheduled events will resume Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013.  
Announcements for some upcoming events / programs new to 2013 coming soon.
See you on the other side.