Just a Little Bit of Love

Just a little bit of Love.... that's my motto this morning. I am sitting at my kitchen counter, drinking a cup of jo. Yes, JO. Getting ready for an iconic, wild and spiritually rich "first moment of the rest of my life". After 10 years of teaching at an amazing facility on the outskirts of Portland, I am moving IN. Not moving ON. Moving IN... This is my last weekend at ClubSport, and the beginning of whatever JUICE is to move through me next....

Sometimes there is the greatest EXPANSION when we let go. I am feeling that in a big way!

I will continue to teach at YogaPearl in NW Portland, pearl district: M and F at 5 pm: Vinyasa Yoga. I am also expanding my offerings online and in retreats and events... there is some DELISH stuff coming your way.

Please stay tuned. Please stay in touch. Visit me in Vernonia often and frequently (seriously).... And be sure to email me if you want to be on my mailing list if you aren't sure if you are currently subscribed.

There is a party coming out in Vernonia for YOU as soon as we are at a place where our beautiful new home and retreat center is ready for guests.... So, be sure to be on my email list so you don't miss the invite.

And, so I will leave you / begin with this:
I came to my email this morning, with a BE-YOU-TIFTUL message from my lovely friend, Gordon... He shared this:

There is ONE great truth on this planet.
Whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do.
When you really want something.
It is because that desire originated in the Soul.
The SOUL of the universe.
It is your mission on Earth.

When you want something.
All the Universe conspires.
In helping you achieve IT.

~ Paulo Coelho