Taking it ALL In

Leela, one of the yoga retreat Devis, takes in the long lost sunshine during a break after lunch at the weekend yoga retreat.

I am just coming off a beautiful yoga retreat with 30+ Devatas (brilliant lights).... and I am reminded of all of the ways that we can "take it all in" even when we are NOT on retreat.

Each time I offer a retreat, we all arrive "buzzing" from the rajas of life. Running here and there, doing this, finishing this, getting that, and so on and so forth. We arrive, and slowly.... but surely.... the "buzz" starts to leave us... We meditate, walk and rest in nature, read, laugh, laugh, and laugh... cry, purge, release. We dance, spin, and gorgeously... we build up a NEW kind of buzz. One that is rich with prana, light, and the nectar of who we really are.

Curious, isn't it? We are searching.... seeking.... longing for "the buzz". But, oh, how we settle for less than the highest vibration. So, how DO we get back to the highest, richest, vibration?

Here are some thoughts:

1. Practice 9 complete rounds of Surya Namaskar every day
2. Eat LIVE, high vibrational foods... no need to overthink it: colorful, fresh, no can openers, no freezers, no additives
3. Sprawl your beautiful self out on the grass whenever possible
4. Average yourself "up"... spend as much time with people who bring your vibration UP UP and AWAY!
5. Love. Love. and when in doubt, Love some more

Take it ALL in.... bring it on, and TRUST that "this too shall pass" and that beneath all the hubbub.... there you shall find yourself... radiant, full of light and life and joy and eternal bliss.

I am light. I am eternal bliss and happiness. I am transformation itself. I am Shiva.

Om Namah....