Doin' What Comes Naturally: February 19: 1-4 PM

Join me for a small group workshop this Saturday at ClubSport Oregon.

It will include:
* Nutrition from a yogic / "eating with the seasons" perspective
* Focus on use of herbs (that you can buy at the market) for winter challenges such as achey bones, dry skin/hair, digestive challenges, lethargy, winter flu & cold
* The top 12 yoga postures for health/healing
* Breathing practices for insomnia, digestive health
* I will also be doing tongue and pulse evaluation on all students who are present... generally this occurs when I do 1:1 sessions and included as a fundamental component of a $200 package
* There will also be a variety of "show & tell" related products for living a more balanced life, in alignment with nature and the seasons

Hope to see you there!