Happy Birthday!

Play this message from Britt!  She'll tell you what's UP! And she is EXCITED!  Hope you are too!!

Britt B Steele Welcomes YOU! (mp3)

Okay, so it isn't REALLY MY birthday... but it is a birthday, of sorts... it's the website's birthday.

You see, I was on the phone this morning with one of the most powerful and divine women I know (you know who you are), and before we hung up, she got very excited and said, "OH!!! Happy birthday to your website!"  

I really hadn't thought of it that way.

But, indeed, there is a birthing going on via this site....

THAT and we are riding the tail of a full moon, the power of shakti, the historical reverence for those who have been kshatriyas or sudras, and fought for something meaningful in their lives and as part of one's darmha (today is Veteran's Day), and to top it all off it is 11-11-11.  A very auspicious day...

I am grateful, ready, and exciting about the doors that are opening as this website goes live.  Here, I will launch new programs and events, and also tether our lives together as yoga practitioners and students of Life.

I am excited to create space in my life for all that is unfolding:  the building of our YogaFarm and retreat center, impending Daycations, distance learning programs, and a 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Each day is really a birthday.  Each moment.  Each breath.  Every prayerful breath is an opportunity for us to look at the place where we stand and the choices we make that either keep us here, lamenting, embracing, or aspiring to take one step at a time to another place, filled with space for us to breathe: To live, and to realize how beautiful we all are.

I am the world, and the world is me.  (and you look MARVELOUS!)

Thank you for guiding me as you do.  Thank you for your inspiration, your trust,  your love and your juice to keep on keepin' on as yoga calls me to the practice.  Look forward to seeing you soon.  Keep your practice strong, and let's build a foundation together, calling one another to the mat, and ultimately to the heart and belly as we keep our bodies strong and balanced this winter...  I am with you.

I am deeply honored to share this journey with you -- literally or in the ethers.