Headed to the Country


Om Devatas...


The journey began nearly five years ago.  We were driving down Keasey Road, just outside Vernonia, Oregon, and we came across a long driveway on a dirt road with a for sale sign.  We had been dreaming of where we would eventually settle, and as we drove down the driveway, tire tracks parted by a long run of green grass, we crossed a bridge and found ourselves in an enchanted forest.  

Within moments, we had a sense that this place was calling to us, and when we got back into cell phone range, we called our real estate broker.  She said she would gather details and be back in touch.  When she called back, she told us that she had found something interesting:  The county records already listed us as the owners.  We checked into this further, and discovered two things... one) the county had somehow transposed a couple of numbers on the property listing, leading them to record the property as ours, and two) we took this as a sign that we were, indeed, the intended owners.  We knew the "real"owners, so we went through the steps to purchase the property, and nearly five years later, we are waist deep in building (and mud, this time of year).  


The vision is clear.  The YogaFarm will be our home, residence, and a center for us to share nature, conscious living, yoga, and soulful connections with one another.  That simple.  We envision a sustainable space with an orchard, medicinal and culinary gardens, and yoga studio with open views to forest.  We will be able to accommodate small groups of about 17 pilgrims... and will offer ongoing adventures for folks to come stay with us, marinade in the natural world (where cell phones and internet temptation are not an option), and creekside meals, sauna, and taking a dip in the ol' swimmin' hole or a hike in the forest are patiently waiting....


We are building our home according to Vastu Shastra (the yogic feng shui), and in alignment with Healthy Home principles.... You can learn more about Vastu at:  http://www.vastu-design.com/ and Healthy Home principles at http://www.healthyhouseinstitute.com/bv_138-Prescriptions_for_A_Healthy_House.


We anticipate a "soft opening" early summer of 2012, and will be sharing news as the magic unfolds.