Falling Into Grace

Padma Devi sits on a stump east of the homesite to remind us to breathe deeply and not fret when life's challenges ariseIt is Autumn time again, and I think it may be my favorite season. This season invites us to slow down... gives us permission to regroup and let go of what is ready to be released.  Watching the trees lose their leaves reminds me that it serves me to do the same -- let go, let go, let go.  I think of it as "falling into grace".

We have been living in our 600 sf apartment amidst the flury of activitie at our retreat center, Cedar Ridge, while we work on building our home and YogaFarm.  

Each day is a new adventure.  The day before yesterday we finished our last concrete pour (the walls are made of a sustainable material called Faswall, which requires a concrete fill).  Yesterday Larry and the rest of the team of hard working men set a 40 something foot beam atop the peak of the house, and this morning we received word that our windows want to be delivered this evening.  It is a daily practice of appreciating each moment, each breath, while our feet and minds simultaneously scurry out ahead of the day to make sure we come prepared into the To Do lists for tomorrow.

When we have not been occupied building the house, I have been teaching and practicing. Learning how to can, and offering up my heart and hands in service to our community whenever I can.  It has been a practice of diversity, one that I am thoroughly enjoying.  

Oh, and there is this new puppy, of course.  He sleeps at my feet as I write this, and I must confess... his five month old body is no longer much of a puppy shape, at nearly 60 pounds.  60 pounds of pure love.  I lay on the kitchen tile with him last night and pet his head.  He reminds me that getting dirty isn't such a big deal, and that my car and my clean jeans were meant to be muddy (and slobbery, apparently).  

It is all in flow.  And the country air warms my heart and clears my mind.  We all have a "right" place, I suppose.  Right for me might not be right for you. Right for this moment might not be right in 10 years.  But now is all I know, and now is in flow.  I love this season.  This Fall.  Fall into Grace.