Simplicity "Rains"

A simple act of sharing... we are all healers in our own way -- sharing our sweetness however that nectar manifests within...

It is January 3rd and I am sitting in a little coffee shop in Vernonia. Our internet is down at Cedar Ridge, so I have set up office here. It is cold and raining outside. I am sporting some handmade arm warmers (thanks Nan! Love these forever!), and I have just finished a warm, creamy beverage of choice. The only thing I might change is the music selection… but Bobby McFerrin’s quote soothes me, “spending your whole life listening to one kind of music is like living your whole life in a beautiful mansion and spending all of your time in the bathroom.” Time to get out of the bathroom, girlfriend…. I guess twang aint so bad.

2011. Wow. Truth is, I don’t know exactly where to start. I am satiated with herbal recipes, cordials, treatment plans, diagnostic techniques, and a newfound love for the magical wisdom of the tongue and pulse. What I do know about this year is that I am dedicated to living my “simple little life”. The word “sweetness” permeates my consciousness. Amrita… nectar… the stuff a “juicy life” is made of… pure sweetness.

So, what is so sweet in my life lately? Why, thanks for asking… ☺

Loving my “wife-ness”… lighting a candle for my husband when he arrives home after working out in the cold all day… having his slippers ready for him… having dinner started, with candles and smells of yum wafting through the air… taking a bath together… and laughing about our mama and daddy long-leggedness, drizzled into a bathtub made for one (reminds me of setting off a can of silly string in an empty Altoids tin).

Dancing again… I danced a total of…. Let me think… ONCE…. During the months of November and December. Coming back and dancing my heart IN with my friends, brothers, and sisters again is soooo SUHweet.

Yoga… Really. Yoga in the big sense… not just what happens on the mat, but opening my eyes intermittently amidst asana and pranayama and seeing the sun rising, radiating pink across the sky… and then just being a cat, a dog, a horse, a child, a woman of 40… throughout my practice. THAT is sweet. ☺

Feeling GRATITUDE… for the brilliance of friends and “shareholders” in my life… Angela… my hair goddess. Molly and Marla… my “resident” artists (your art hangs in MY residence ☺), Annie and Patty… the ones I find to be brilliant mothers and women of grandiosity… Michael F… and his highness, Jolene… J with the contagious smile, Steve Gold, Shimshai, Jana, David Roth, and Tina Malia… my friends and sweet, soulful voices of light that share this journey and inspire me vibrationally… as I dance and share my gifts… for you… (and so many others… I am so, very grateful).

Ahhh…. The light is fading… time to leave this office and head home to our 600 sf apartment at Cedar Ridge. Time to think about dinner and how I can share this sweetness I taste in my bones.

May you taste your life like chocolate. It’s there for the savoring. Sweetness and simplicity rains… especially in this Pacific Northwest Winter.