Little Signs Along the Way....

I "visioned" having a horse again... a Paint.... and then this guy showed up, without warning... I even named my Paint in my vision... I called him Indigo. And then when this lovely horse arrived, named Indio, having just returned from India... I paid attention....

It has been nearly five years since my husband and I began "visioning" our home and retreat center. The process is unfolding, one step at a time. Plans have been submitted to the county, and we will break ground this spring. We designed (with the help of the most amazing architect, Andy) a sustainable, late 1800's farmhouse replica, with Vastu Shastra as our guide. The elk fence is beautiful (I know, sounds absurd but I promise). And yet, it is sloooow going. Everything seems to take longer than we expect, and there are road bumps, and challenges, and plenty of moments of feeling discouraged.

But there are also little signs along the way...
I've shared with some of you, that in my visioning process, I fully stocked the barn yard, with a milk cow (Betsy), three goats (LuLu, Mr. Wiggles, and Agnes), chickens (Zelda, Beatrice, and Gertrude), a rooster (Dick) ... sorry about that one, a mule (Beezus), a gray barncat (Lucy), a golden retriever (Surya), a Rhodesian Ridgeback (Shumba), and two horses: one named Tejas (of the firey red/brown variety--probably a tall, tennessee walker), and another... my favorite... a Paint, mountainous beauty named Indigo. For nearly a year, we hung these photos of retreat center, animal guardians, and other detailed visions, above our bed as we slept... The following spring, when we put our house on the market, we opted to take them down to avoid being thought crazy by potential buyers touring our house. But, whether the photos hung on the wall or not, the seeds were planted. And, let's just say, they are most definitely germinating.

So, it has been almost four years since I named the animals... scouring the internet in search of the perfect barn animals to fit the names I had selected, carefully copying and pasting them, printing and posting them. And they hung for about six months before I took them down and filed them away. Occasionally I think about them, recalling their names and photographs, and recognizing them as our animals and land stewards.

About two weeks ago, I was online, somehow surfing Craigslist for a classic airstream trailer (that's a whole/another story). I found myself search "horse" in farm and garden (no idea how that happened), and up came this horse. I saw his photo, read his gig, and then saw his name. Indigo. No, Indio. It seemed to put my dream of Indigo, the wonder Paint, and my recent journey to India together in a perfect union.

So, what to do? We went to see him. We went to see him again. We went to see him again... and now he lives 2 minutes from my house. We are boarding him across the road until we can build him his own barn, to share with Beezus, Gertrude, Mr. Wiggles, and the rest of the clan.

Someday, he will be on our farm, at our retreat center, Deva Darru, at the end of Keasey Road... where we share the yoga of life with anyone who wants to visit our country club... But for now, I just keep noticing the little signs along the way... the synchronicities, as I see them, are really little light posts. When things feel slow, and stuck, and so close to quiet that I wonder if there is even any life left... if I look closely, listen intently, soften my heart and open my mind... I can't help but know I am right where I belong, chasing the dream that is meant to be mine, and shining my little light wherever it can be seen.

May you shine brightly, my brilliant, divine journeyers. May you slow down, and hear, see, smell and taste what signals you toward your dreams. And may you feel the indigenous roots of your soul.

Pay close attention to these little signs. They are indicators that God is listening to you... and that whatever you want in this life is yours if you ask for it... Be careful what you wish for, and follow the signs that lead to your heart... follow the signs that lead to yoga--the simple place where your heart, mind, body, and spirit collide and illuminate this place you call your life.

See you on the mat...