Shiva Shakti

Shiva Shakti...

Om, and welcome to the briskness of Autumn... be sure to manage your Vata (search Vata in topics) as the seasons change so you may be present to not only the weather outside, but also to your internal climate. It is only when we are present and connected to our breath that we can experience the full spectrum of joy that comes from the season change. Quite beautiful

I am honored that so many of you have inquired about the fall yoga retreat... I have made a decision to reschedule the October retreat and hope that you will be able to join me when new dates are set. It will likely be mid/late spring.

The reason I have opted to reschedule is because my husband and I are being called to attend a training in Hawaii. The title of this blog, Shiva Shakti, is the essential union of the masculine and the feminine, It is what happens our power embraces our peacefulness. The week that Larry and I will be spending in Hawaii is not only my devotion to my marriage, and my husband, but also to the greater sacredness of gender relations, communing of one's life with another, and the need we have on our planet to balance the energies of masculine and feminine.

I have written about this before, this deep desire I have to find my own balance between surrendering into my softness and standing tall in my power. It is a struggle for me, this I freely admit. And so, off to Hawaii I journey, hand in hand with my favorite yogi, Larry.

I hope your hearts are open, wildly curious about life and willing to step into your warriorness of the unknown.

After all, what else is there, really?