Walk On the Wild Side I


A couple of weeks back, I had the great opportunity to travel to a house in the country and to take a class on "eatin' in the wild". We harvested all sorts of jewels from the forest floor and made a feast that blew our minds with flavor and culinary pizazz! I will post these in sections, as there are many photos and recipes... I must add a "caution note"... there are many plants that grow in the forest that are quite deadly, so only eat what you are sure is what it is.

Ayurvedically, greens are a great addition to one's diet this time time of year. In particular, those greens that are bitter and astringent. These flavors help to clear the kapha, or earth and water, that tends to accumulate over the winter. Spring is the time to cleanse the digestive track, and spring, wild-harvested greens are a great way to do just that. Not to mention, miner's leaf is also rich in Vitamin C and has been found to positively impact blood pressure and purify the blood.


Miner’s grass is very soft--google it if you want to see what it looks like up close). Spinach or mache is another option, particularly if you can't go "miner's leaf hunting" and find yourself at your local organic market instead.

Here's the recipe:
Miner’s grass (remove some of the really long stems ½ way up)

Top with:
Blueberries, raspberries if compatible seasons,
A blue cheese, Oregon of course, and organic
Wild violets if you an find them (another great thing to google and surely identify... there are also any other wildflower edible options)

Cukes might be good, too, thinly sliced - or cattail stalks.... but we'll talk about that in a later post :)

Get creative and shoot for something sweet and light.
Here's an option:
Cookie’s rhubarb wine 1 part (or any other wine of a sweet variety)
Rice wine 1 part
Light Olive oil -- 1 part (always first cold pressed and virgin)... not too strong or dark in color as that would overpower the delicacy of the miner's leaves.
Sea salt
Natural sweetener -- raw honey is best, or stevia leaves, lightly ground, or just a touch of agave

Variations to consider.....
A honey/cinnamon dressing or a honey mustard variety?
Mix well with dandelion greens since they grow in similar areas (yep, just the greens that grow with dandelions... but you can also buy these at New Seasons)

Enjoy exploring your spring harvest... you don't get any closer to nature than THIS!

Britt (and the others who walked with me on the wild side!)