This is INDIA!

This small tribe greeted us as we arrived at the farm for clinic... we traveled 2 hours each way twice a week to offer free healthcare services to the villagers who live near the doctor's farmhouse in the country.

No rules apply here. Last night, my roommate Madhuri (translates to Sweetness), was taking a shower, when there was a knock at our door... I openened the door to find a hotel attendant, who could only say, "Excuse me, maam... Balloon?"... I was stumped. We exchanged gestures, and he repeated "balloon?" a few more times, when I finally opened the door and said, "you need to come in?" He wobbled his head like a bobble doll (which is what they do here.... I still haven't figured out if it means yes or no). My roommate, now wrapped in a towel, quickly sequestered herself in the bathroom,w ith just her head sticking out to bear witness. I watched him walk, barefoot, between our two skinny beds, to the window which overlooks a five story drop to the patio below. Just outside the window we have a coconut tree, and as he whooshed open the curtains, it all made sense. There, tangled in the fronds of the coconut tree, were two stringed balloons: one purple, one red. He pushed our personal items on our nightstand aside, and put one bare foot on the table, and one on my bedsheets, next to my pillow. He then balanced on his knee, teetering out the window, as he grasped the balloon strings, jumped back inside our room, pointed below and out the window and said, "small child". I nodded, and said, "ho", which is sort of a cross between "I see and hhhmmm.". He wobbled his head and sort of smiled. Madhuri retreated once again into the bathroom, and he exited. We shook our heads and laughed... THIS is India.