Building Jurassic Park -- for Yogis!

We are building our home (and preliminary elk fence... a.k.a. Jurassic Park) with the ancient practices of Vastu Shastra, or Vedic Astrology (a form of energetic building that predates Feng Shui). This is Padma Devi, the Lotus Goddess... We offered a Puja on a new moon, the day we drilled the well, to invoke Grace and to bless our land. She is our symbol of asking permission to build on the land, to apologize for displacing animals and plants, and offer our humble service to all that is good in the world. She looks east, welcoming each morning, and greeting the day on our behalf... Note: her mala beads have been taken by a local resident... I envision a racoon or beaver, sporting a great sandalwood mal around his neck!

“I’ve learned to trust what I call the Braille method of living – relinquishing grand plans and schemes in favor of an intuitive approach, feeling my way from tree to tree, relinquishing my attempts to control the world and learning, instead, to trust a discerning surrender.” ~ Stephen Cope

Gosh, where do I start? . . .

1. My husband is building an elk fence, literally as I write this... split-rail cedar posts are 12 - 14 feet long.... and the fence is 8 feet high... If elk get into this fence, I think I better stay in the house and pray. Suffice it to say the laborers-of-love who are helping him build it have named it "Jurassic Park"... just in case the magnitude of this puppy wasn't sinking in...
2. I am off to India -- for seven weeks... November 3rd - December 19th, 2011. I am excited to study ayurveda in a formal and regimented way... I am sad sad sad to leave my husband... the beauty is that I know how deeply I love him when I think of being without him for seven whole weeks.
3. I will be back teaching and practicing ayurveda on January 1st, 2011. (No big trip away this year -- just missing 8 weekends of teaching and then I am back with you....)
4. We are building our home -- taking the plunge, pulling permits, and breaking ground on our eco-home /slash/ yoga haven / slash / farm / slash / retreat... and hope to begin sharing yoga and light and love via this forested, pranic-rich sanctuary come next fall 2011.... Retreats will be small, quaint, and deep. Yummy.
5. I am joining the local Grange -- a paternal organization that supports agriculture, community, leadership, and sustainability. One of our first visioning projects is to collect local apples, together... go to one of our members' homes to press the apples, and lightly ferment it until the first part of December, where we serve it at the Christmas Bizarre... Baby, this is Yoga. This is what your local Grange can do for you... I'll keep you posted, as I also am dreaming of goat cheese making, basket weaving, wine-making, and many more nostalgic practicalities that I believe can serve our communities and our health.

And so it is..., Life is Yoga.... as I practice, and teach, and dream, and put the puzzle pieces of my life into a collage of colorful experiences, I realize with each breath, that Yoga is how I walk. It isn't the path I walk, necessarily, but it is HOW I walk.... With breath, with length and conscious stride... with expanded lung, open heart, fingers spread, and eyes and teeth-sockets relaxed, with a deep reverence for my relationships, even those that challenge me. With a rooted respect for my body, however it shows up each day, however it ages, shifts, changes, grows, evolves, and presents me with sensation. And with my eyes reaching upward, growing toward my highest potential, realizing the highest potential that exists already in fullness within each of us.

“I did not come to yoga to stretch. I came to live.” Maya Breuer


p.s. I will be back teaching at ClubSport & practicing at YogaPearl January 1, 2011... come dance with me, however you come, just come... Om.