Tantra Immersion

Here we are... all "goddessed up" and ready to go out!... It is definitely a different world on this side of the planet!!!!

So, I attended my very first Tantra weekend retreat last weekend. And all I can say is thank you thank you thank you. It was a wonderful experience to share the essence of being a woman with seven other incredible souls. To share our fears, our holdings, our emotions, our pain (at times), our laughter, our food, our sisterhood, our deep connection as women on this planet. The workshop was taught in English, but I was the only one for whom English was my mother tongue. Interesting to be with so many others speaking a second language. Sometimes it made it even more rich because the language was simple.

It's about the sisterhood. Realizing that everything that exists is Shiva. And Shakti. Peace and Power. Everything. And that there would be not life here, as we know it, without both the feminine and the masculine. Many western cultures tend to become weighted in one or the other, and usually it is the masculine... to conquer, to produce, to project... and we forget that as women, we are in balance and we heal... ourselves and others... when we feel the rhythmic calling to rest quietly, to share in circles with other women, to prepare food together, to laugh, and to listen, nurture, and care for one another...

Here is a pic of a few of us, just before we went out for dinner. We got all "Bali Goddessed" up and had a lovely night out together. It was very very nourishing.

May you take the time to be with other women and share with one another all of the gifts that you have been given, as women... and Men, may you provide space for your women to do just this.... you will all receive the rich, juicy, benefits!