Ayurveda & Autumn

As I prepare for our Fall Ayurveda and Yoga retreat, I have been pondering the deep relationship between my own body and the large body we know as our planet, "earth". The season brings with it a very unique energy that calls us to respond. Both Ayurveda and Yoga offer us ways to flow with the natural rhythms of the seasons, and understanding the characteristics of Autumn can help you flow smoothly out of summer and into the winter months.

About Autumn:
Fall is cool, light, dry and windy, just as we see in the Vata Dosha. Vata types, in particular, must take extra care in keeping balanced during this time of year. And, as the weather becomes colder later in the fall, it is beneficial for all types to favor warmer food and drinks. Fall is preceded by Summer, of course, which is the season of Pitta. Realizing the natural transition allows us to also provide for a cooling and rejuvenating practice in our personal lives as well. If we keep pushing into the autumn, we may likely find winter bringing a sense of depression and exhaustion. But if we honor the slowing down and cooling of the season, we will find ourselves to be more intuitive and introspective, while feeling an internal sense of cool refreshment versus exhaustion. Plenty of rest and relaxation are definite recommendations for the autumn season. Since Fall is a windy, active time, where nature prepares for the upcoming winter, there are things we can do to prepare our own nature for the impending cold wetness of winter. Here are a few thoughts:

* Favor warm foods and drink
* Include more heavy and oily foods in your diet
* Add a warm oil self-massage to your morning daily routine
* Be sure to cover your head on windy days
* Avoid sleeping in cold drafts
* Avoid fasting
* Keep well hydrated
* Eat more root vegetables, cooked vegetables, and warming spices like pepper and ginger